Just a couple of days to start the Easter break

Up at 7:00am to get ready for a trip to Lake Eyasi. My neck was feeling crappy having been bounced around while testing out the land rover we'd hired the previous day, I'd had a few issues getting a vehicle and then fuel the previous day and was not in the best of moods.

My not so subtle 'I don't really want to go' dialogue:
7:20 'My neck really hurts, those bumpy roads have done me in, not sure I'll cope again today'
7:50 'We can't afford this trip' and then I made a list of the things that we need to spend money on.
7:55 'The rain is really starting to pour, the wipers aren't good on the car'
8:00 'Shall we just go with the P-Rs (our neighbours who were going to the same place) it will mean only one day but we'll save on fuel and accommodation' I pop round the corner to confirm we'll travel down in their car.
8:10 'Actually Emily it really is a miserable morning, don't you fancy a day in your pyjamas?'
8:15 'Emily. I don't feel like going.'

To all of it Emily responded with sensible suggestions and understood, like a parent trying to coax a fat child to go into school on sports day.

It was a strange and welcome relief to not have to go but most uncharacteristic, I love me an adventure. Though I'm sure we were missing a great couple of days, for whatever underlying reasons I was pleased to have been honest. Instead we had a lovely relaxed morning cuddled up on the sofa watching Monsters University as the rain beat down outside. Emily cooked soup and baked bread for lunch and once the weather brightened up we sat on our porch and read. My book was about identifying psychopaths and I identified myself several times and Emily once before concluding that we were probably both fine. As the sun set Emily gave the house a spray of mosquito killer but when we came in the sofa had become a small graveyard for ants that had dropped from the ceiling. I felt guilty for the collateral damage and after we'd brushed the bodies aside more continued to drip on us from the ceiling; it was raining ants but these ones were still moving. I consoled myself that because ants have it built in to follow the one in front these ants weren't writhing around in their final breath they were simply following their friend thinking the jump was a game.