News to amuse - May 06, 2015

Last week Rahul Gandhi continued his make over by visiting Vidarbha where few farmers had comitted suicide. I don't know who to pity: the depressed, futureless and the hopeless or the farmers.

Tired of the condescending attitude of Indian media after earthquake, Nepalese started #GoHomeIndianMedia campaign on twitter last week. Of course, to make it the trending topic, they had to ask the Indian media personnel on Twitter to RT their tweets.

TJ Jose, Inspector General of Police, Kerela, was caught copying in the LLB exam. Unbelievable! Our country is going down the drains. The guardians of law are not following the law themselves - why did he not bribe the invigilator to keep the matter hush.

Young players of W.Indies like Darren Bravo, Marlon Samuels and Jason Holder deliver superlative performance as W.Indies defeat England in a test for the first time in six years. Now that they have proved themselves, hopefully they would get to do what the best players in W.Indies do - play for CSK, RCB and MI in IPL.

Roger Federer won the Istanbul Open yesterday. In other words Djokovic and Nadal did not play Istanbul Open.

Viswanathan Anand finished second in the Shamgir Open yesterday. In other words Djokovic and Nadal played Shamgir Open. Wait! That doesn't sound right.