Still here and still enjoying life in the Rai and Thailand...

Being uncertain what I should write about today I decided to share a-day-in-the-life sort of post to shed some light on what daily life looks like for me these days.  Seldom is any one day eventful enough to make a good story so I am going to recant a period of several days if you don't mind.

We just returned from a five day trip to Bangkok with a short one night side trip to Hua Hin.  We were stuck in that horrible holiday traffic down to Hua Hin but we were with friends so it really didn’t seem to matter, making several stops along the way to break the monotony and eat.  We had some great meals garnished with even better conversation.

One night in Bangkok the four of us went to a popular Thai musical, Homrong, which I was a little surprised to find I enjoyed tremendously.  I have admittedly been out of touch and was impressed with every aspect of the staging and performance.  It was a far cry from what I was exposed to during the brief time I spent appearing on Thai TV.  I am so glad my wife arranged for this fantastic evening of entertainment.

It took me a couple of days after returning to Chiang Rai to recover from the long days in Bangkok, to a point where I felt like getting back on the bike.  The day I felt ready turned out to be very hot and I could feel that it was not a great idea to complete my intended route so cut things short at 55 km.  The following day we drove into town to run some errands and have lunch.  I really do enjoy spending time with my wife and it seems to help with my recovery.

The next day I stumbled out of bed quite late in the morning.  Having learned to listen to my body, when it wants to sleep, I let it.  I would have preferred to have coffee first but Cookie looked like she needed a walk more than I needed my caffeine fix, so she came first.  The Health App on my iPhone 6 says I average between five to ten kilometers each day between walking Cookie and puttering around the house, which I found interesting.  I spent most of the day writing and corresponding but thought better about posting what I wrote.  Regardless of the lies people spread about me in some circles, I am not going to stoop to their level and say slanderous things about them.  Anyway, no two days begin or proceed in the same way and that is the way I like it.  Perhaps that is one reason I have found life in Thailand much easier than some have.

Yesterday by late morning I felt good enough to contemplate another bike ride, after two days of rest.  It was only a few degrees cooler but that can make a big difference.  I got started around 11 am and felt so good I stretched my ride to 74 km.  I rode through one area where the trees had been uprooted the night before and several power lines were down with the poles snapping at the base causing a domino effect and pulling down adjacent poles.  Crews were hard at work trying to repair the damage and locals were harvesting the fallen tree, determined not to let all that good wood go to waste.  I never know what I will encounter while out on the bike or who I may end up talking with when I stop to buy water at a roadside shop.

Last night we were kept awake by thunder and torrential rain which continued on past one in the morning.  Then this morning we were rudely shaken from our slumber by three loud explosions which I am guessing came from a 100 day merit making ceremony in our village.  The funeral which is in progress now won’t be finished for a few more days so I doubt the noise came from there.  Since we are thinking about going to Sunday Brunch at the Meridien today I guess it is just a well we didn’t sleep in.  Cookie has already had her walk, the fish have been fed and I have had my coffee so things are moving along quite nicely this morning.

To follow up, we drove to the Meridien expecting a quiet lunch for two.  We ended up bumping into several people there but chose a table next to two other couples we have known for sometime but don’t see all that often.  We had a great time catching up and ended up being the last to leave.  I always enjoy these spontaneous encounters.  We drove from there to a another friends house to drop something off before heading to Central Plaza for a little shopping.  With all that we still made it home in time to feed and walk the dogs a little after sunset.

I know many people who struggle with the lack of a regimentation and routine in their daily lives.  External forces have always controlled what they do and turning inward is not something they are familiar with or care to try.  Some try to replace old routines with new ones but that can be hard to do in a new country.  The wise ones, in my opinion, adapt to a new way of life instead of clinging to what they know.  After all, isn’t change a major reason for moving to another country?  If you are not willing to step outside your comfort zone, do yourself a favor and stay home.

Recently I have stumbled upon a new way for me to combine new and old media.  I have discovered magazine bundles which can be downloaded and viewed at my leisure on the computer.  I understand this is not something new, but it is new for me.  The variety of material exposes me to topics and articles I might not otherwise read.  I used to like magazines but there are no big city bookstores in Chiang Rai so they had faded from my awareness.  I quite like reading almost anything on my 5K iMac.

In the health and fitness related magazines one comes across articles dealing with longevity and the secrets of aging well, which is something on my mind, especially now that I am in my sixties.  The majority of things on their lists are easy for me and are things I naturally do as a matter of course.  Where I fall short is in my ability to surround myself with people who are not toxic and encourage one to live a better, healthier life.  Fortunately I don't find it necessary to lean on others.

That said I seem to make do with the people I have in my life, even if they are scattered over the globe.  Sometimes I get requests to meet for coffee in Chiang Rai, from both new and old readers.  I recently received an email from one guy who has been around since the beginning of this blog and it looks like we may get the opportunity to meet after all these years.  That is something I am looking forward to later this month.

So that is what my life looks like these days.  I am not into fixed routines, fixing things or building things though I have been know to make minor repairs in a pinch.  I don’t belong to any groups.  My wife is still my best friend and favorite companion after nearly 18 years together.  We tend to gravitate toward interesting people we both like and who typically do not live full time in Chiang Rai.  My wife and dogs are more than enough company for me on an average day and when we do get together with our friends there is always so much to catch up on.

Here are a few Hua Hin shots taken with the iPhone.