Yoga? Go ya!

Everybody! Clean your street, write an essay on good governance, do yoga!

Does anyone else feel that Mr Modi is behaving less like a Prime Minister of a nation and more like a father of a naughty kid? I think Narendra Modi, a bachelour at heart, is seriously suffering from repressed feelings of fatherhood. (I know I am not technically qualified to psycho analyze as I am not an author a best selling self-help book, but I do dabble in psychology as a hobby: I am on twitter.)

Let's get this straight. I am middle aged man. Nobody tells me what I should do unless he (or she) is my mother or my bank relationship manager. Mr. Modi might believe in cleansing powers of yoga, but I, grown up in Chennai - the land of perpetual sweat - won't be convinced so easily about the benefits of breathing in deeply.

And I am not happy that the government is deploying all its machinery to make yoga day a success, when they can profitably deploy it in more worthy causes, like doing a mass pooja for normal monsoon rains, which can lift the stock market. Also I am not convinced that there is a great support for Yoga day among general public and I am going to prove it by interviewing few people.

Me: Hey random old man! Do you like this idea of celebrating June 21st as...
Old man: No, I think it is a stupid idea. They make a great fuss on one random day and then forget about us rest of the year. This is all because of the influence of the west. Hmmph! Father's day, my foot.
Me: I am sorry. I am talking about Yoga day.
Old man: Yoga day! It is a fantastic idea. Yoga day symbolizes the the greatness of Indian culture, Indian histroy, India's advances in healing and medicine...
Me: You mean the susrutha, plastic surgery and all that.
Old man: Of course, but not just that.  Have you seen that some yogic poses look like L, Y, inverted V and so on?
Me: So...
Old man: Who knows! Maybe our ancient yogis were the first to speak English. Maybe some went to England and settled there....
Me: Surely, you don't believe the yogis migrated from India to England.
Old man: No, not the best yogis. But maybe, few yogis who were not so good at yoga went over to England....
Me: You realize that such a claim can't stand any scientific scrutiny at all?
Old man: Yes, that is why we should include this hypothesis in the history of books of, say, tenth standard at least.

Okay, let's just go along with Yoga day. It surely is not the worst thing that came out of this government.