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Adelphi University (US) |
Adelphi University (US) |

Discovering Adelphi

Adelphi University was founded in 1896, today it has more than 8.000 university students and post graduate students from 38 US states and 46 countries around the world. As an oldest public education place of Long Island, Adelphi is very proud of tradition of education and successful training students in their careers and personal lives.

Let’s discover 75 acres campus of Adelphi in Garden City, New York. It creates an ideal environment for students to experience academic life. Locating in a beautiful suburb community, far from New York city 23-miles, the cradle of the arts center, technology, media, and most important knowledge of the country – gives the best things of both of two worlds to students. The campus is provided students with a safe environment as at home, this is very beneficial to study, working, practice and cultural experience in a big city in the world. Adelphi also has numerous reputable partner relationship and dual degree program with the best institutions as Columbia University.

Here are a few reasons why the book Fiske Guide to Colleges has ranked us as Best Buy in 9 consecutive years, why The Princeton Review has rated us as the best University in the Northeast and why Forbes magazine has recognized us as the best university.

Let’s DiscoverAdelphi

Adelphi has college bachelor training programs, bachelor’s, master’s and doctor and classes with average sizes of 20, so we care about each individual. The member schools of the Adelphi – College of Arts and Sciences, College of Nursing and Community Health, Research Institute of Advanced Psychology- Gordon F. Derner, Honors University, Robert B. Willumstad Business University, University of Social Work, and University for Adults – offer more than 100 bachelor programs, postgraduate, and certificate. 

The academic programs are offered the fields such as: the arts, human culture, social science, business, education, nursing, psychology, science and social work. Each School’s lecturer is selected to meet the standards of professional knowledge and teaching capacity. With percent of student- lecturer is 10 out of 1, students are learning with the outstanding lecturers including: scholars, scientists, artists, famous critics in the world. Discover what Adelphi educational environment can do for you.

Life at Adelphi

It’s easy and exciting to attend in the rich life at Adelphi. With more than 80 student clubs and organizations – many of which focus on students from other countries – the special interest groups, Greek associations and community service organization, all students are encouraged to participate. Student Activities Board coordinates numerous events including live music nights, film, comedy, a series of dialogues with renowned speakers, tours of Broadway shows, sport events. 

You can enjoy theater and dance performances which once were awarded at Performing Arts Center -AUPAC, cheer NCAA Division II sport team which is nationally ranked in Center of Leisure and Sport, participate in activities at fitness center or relax at the Underground Cafe.

Assistance at Adelphi

Adelphi provides students with the necessary equipments, supporting services for success right from the orientation stage until graduation. The basic research works of the University are stored at the Library and more than 600,000 publications (including periodical magazines and government’s publications), 806.000 microformat cross-heading, 33,000 audio and photo publications, and online access to over 61.000 electronic journals and 221 research databases. Modern computer room is available throughout the campus, with the socket for laptops for students. The school is provided wireless internet, and each student receives an email address and voicemail service.

Career Development Center helps students to get many opportunities in and outside the Adelphi community. Thanks to practice in and outside school, center helps students to have valuable experience that they have learned from their major. The center provides more than 10.000 jobs and practice opportunities each year, and more than 200 organizations for recruiting Adelphi’s students visits this University annually. The center also offers various other diversified services, including skill training to seek the job, counseling career development, résumé preparation, and effective interviewing way.

International assistance at Adelphi

Adelphi has a strong commitment to international education. Office of International Student Services has supported to meet legal requirements for entry into the United States and ensure legal position while studying at the University. This office is also advised on the request of the Department of Immigration, Social Security, Information Department and US tax. Information and assistance is also provided on other issues relating to the law and regulations of the government, language, customs procedures, cultural and educational system.

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