Ask who break up is not easy wedding

( Wedding ) Ask who break up is not easy. As of now they do not know her emotional for me how, when she was happy, care about you, but sometimes the superficial, impersonal. Em, 27, is in the construction sector. Before, I spent a long love affair with a girl 4 years, due to many reasons that girlfriend decided to go with a staggering others without being able to say goodbye to you, that once you suffer injured a lot, life, work was turning upside down.

Ask who break up is not easy wedding
Ask who break up is not easy wedding

Any such condition, you depressed, do not focus until you meet a new girlfriend also works with children in the same industry. You poor child this age couple, lovely, obedient, kind family. Since her that new students out and snapping province depressed past day to return to normal life for her thanks that you realize that life is still good things to his many strive for.

Also for that reason that I am very sympathetic to her. Industry colleagues to share the same parent company, I noticed she also precious children (children, she also commented that smart, bright, gentle ...). Both talk as much, starting work and then wandered into a lot of other things.

Over here, they also know that she also failed several times in romance should lose faith in romance. We're talking over again was 4 months. When you invite going out drinking, she did not refuse. Every day, if people actively talk as they are both also talk very happy, many times she also alludes to an affair with me.

Ask who break up is not easy wedding

But if no work is absolutely something she never contact hours ago. Sometimes I drive to the affair seriously, she said do not know, about a family, she said do not believe in the sustainability of the family, then if nothing special is 2-3 years new married, then also make this referral, the other for me, then told me to get married, she got married ...

I also learned that she has many suitors. She referred to this person as husband - wife, the other wife - husband. I asked, she said they were just friends (you learn it properly is a longtime friend of her figure). As of now they do not know her feelings are for you like? With the current situation should talk frankly with her or try to wait for more time to find out more, please. Expect people to me with advice. I thank sir.

Ngoc Viet

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