Canyonville Christian Academy |

( College Education News ) Canyonville Christian Academy. The private school in Oregon resident is a lucid extremely choice for parents and students who are looking for. A school has a reasonable cost, the quality of teaching and well care service as well as located in a safe city.

Canyonville Christian Academy |
Canyonville Christian Academy |

School’s Highlights:

- Education: Grade 9 -12

- Because you got ESL, you don’t need TOEFL / IELTS

- Teaching Advanced Program

- The second Foreign Language: Spanish

In addition to learning, the school will also focus on extra-curricular activities for students such as: organizing trips, camping to learn the culture of the region, establishing sport clubs and culture. The proportion of teachers / students is 12 out of 1, helping students get more attention and whole-hearted guidance from teachers.

School fee: is very reasonably

- 26.300 each year including tuition and living cost (hostel)

- Expense for keeping room: 250 dollars

- The other mandatory costs: 600 dollars

Many educational opportunities to transfer to the prestigious universities: Students graduating from Canyonville Christian Academy can transfer to many prestigious universities in the US and other countries. This school usually has exams for studen’s capacity and university counseling program to help students orient the suitable future discipline.

List of universities that students transfer: Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Paradise Valley Community College, Northwest Arkansas Community College, University of California – Berkeley, University of San Francisco, University of Colorado – Boulder, University of Maryland, Boston University, Seattle Central Community College, etc.

This school is interested in each individual whole-hearted: each group of 20 students in the dormitory has a manager and a head teacher of 12 students per class, so students always receive attentive care for both learning and personal life, which is difficult to get in other boarding schools.

Secure environment and campus with full facility: learning at Canyonville Christian Academy help students escape the noisy, and showing great warmth and the available danger from the big cities. However, the city of Oregon is full banking service, post offices, markets, restaurants, pharmacies and medical clinics. The school is full of facilities in the campus, ensuring students have a safe and comfortable learning environment and living in dorms.

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