Husband and wife have preference comparison with another woman

( Wedding ) Husband and wife have preference comparison with another woman. Go out with some friends, he always compares me with his friend's wife by a few of his friends who also marry wealthy continually helping his wife. My husband and I were married for 4 years and a half, beginning married life very happy happy and have a son, now then my job stability better salary husband. My husband always shared the house with me.

Husband and wife have preference comparison with another woman
Husband and wife have preference comparison with another woman

But the new one in recent years my husband has hobbies buy electronics, everything in home shopping or change phone constantly. Also, once you buy something you do not talk to me about my purchase to know, and I always buy something I thing I discussed with him even though it's my money order made out. Some years ago, I did not go to work anymore back home to care for children.

And since you two move permanently back home, my wife and I purchased land bank debt also took home some money, this time, my husband his job and his steady change my attitude. He apparently does not respect me, to go out with you that, or compare his wife with another man's wife, he said that the wife's not for nothing does not help him.

Because some of his friends who also married his wife was rich should help him or compare me with another man's wife. He made me very sad but with nature taciturn, introverted, so I did not confide in anyone, including family members, I am afraid they should themselves bear sad only. But now I'm nervous too.

Recently my husband shopping continuous phone out of money he bought installment, whereas you do not give money to the wife hold, he kept standing pat to spend. Just because the phone installment purchase this time I was very angry because my husband was going to pay the bank interest that he does not worry.

A couple months ago I angry with each other no one to talk to who live in the home which as such invisible. I taciturn husband should quietly let me realize my mistake, so he also silent always made me feel nervous. I fear happy family will melt away, now I think a lot do not know can prolong this marriage if my husband did not admit that he was wrong. I look forward to receiving the advice of the sisters near and far, do not know me so shut up, right?

Phuong Ngan

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