It is difficult to adapt to cuisine in the US

College Education ) It is difficult to adapt to cuisine in the US. Studying abroad is a wonderful thing. You will be acquired a new culture, will have a lot of new things to explore. However, the life of an exchange student is not always smooth. Below is a shared experience of an American exchange student, please refer.

It is difficult to adapt to cuisine in the US
It is difficult to adapt to cuisine in the US

It is time me studied in the US. I carry two heavy suitcases 46 kilograms to the airport. When going up the airport, I go to Korea and then fly to Chicago. Everything passed very peacefully, but I couln’t not eat any Korean food on the road. Luckily, I found a KFC fast food restaurant. I ran into it and devoured one’s meal to compensate for 3 starving hours on the fly.

I thought when going to the US, I would eat the food in America without having any Asia food. And then after five hours in the airport, I went to the plane to continue a 14 hour trip and prepare spirit the “unattractive canned Korean food”. I just wanted to the US at once to eat fast food, but everything is not as I expected. When arriving in America and I can’t even swallow something that feels like that.

In Chicago, my sister led me do debit card. When everything was done, she put me this card and said don’t use it so much because it can be denied when going shopping. She also told that I shouldn’t use in the stores with bad security, hacker attacks to take your card information, you will lose all the money. She also said to me not to walk along the restaurant to be out of money in school years. Oh the restaurant here is the whole McDonald and Subway and even the Chinese Food Subway Restaurants.

When looking at these things, I feel sick. After arriving in Chicago, I had a tour to Washington DC and Niagara Falls and also at that time I enjoyed the “American cuisine”. On the stops along the way, passengers are led to McDonald or Chinese buffet to eat. At first, McDonald, I was very excited but then it felt really horrible. No one can eat fast food in five consecutive days. Chinese Buffet isn’t also so delicious. The food there as well as fast food restaurants have fries, fried noodles, fried chicken and a few dishes translated from the Chinese into English but I do not remember.

At the moments when I was led ito a restaurant called decent food but I can not stand. Americans eat too sweet. There, the people often eat pancake then apple juit. In addition to the sweet dishies, it is bacon and ham dishes. Eating so made me lose faith in the American restaurants immediately. My sister allows me to go out or not, I don’t go out to eat. I wonderedwhen I ate myselt, it is very bad, I don’t know how the campus food?

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