Living 4 years but the couple as strangers

( Wedding ) Living 4 years but the couple as strangers. Now go do my husband does not know. He just as strangers to this wife. And he and I used to come together was 4 years. We unborn baby is due circumstances work.

Living 4 years but the couple as strangers
Living 4 years but the couple as strangers

Previously you or caring concern for me, but now looks like he does not have feelings for me. I'm sick to the hospital where he was, nor inquire take a question. He calls not being answered. I asked her to grab her nurse call and paging say I'm sick so he did not bother to or questions asked.

After about I ask you why you so sick that you are indifferent. He said only one sentence shortly: "Do not crap". I'm really tired of him, and what he to me very badly. I suggest farewell to the light, he refused. Honestly I did not make any money out of my spending money just wide.

Now where are you going to do I do not know. He just as strangers to this wife. Many times I asked him something sad or whatever impasses shared with his wife, the couple shared in finding ways to overcome. But he does have shall say nothing. He even did not confide in me again like before.

Regarding expenditures never do him awkward, sometimes I put in less money for him not to let him lose face with your friends. Honestly I was still in love with him, I do not want to lose him, but now his so I did not know what to do for him like old. Expect people to give me advice.

Utopian struggles to make breadwinner wives

Pregnant but I still have to undergo bươn family earn money. My husband even though 38 years old, but no stance, bravery, and always obey my parents alone should have to bear everything. His 28 year old has been married three years and have a two year old princess. Her husband knew through his sister who introduced themselves as students at last year. After a time to learn and to his age to get married should choose him, while finishing his wedding to follow him into the city to live.

With a daughter who had never set foot in this place ever for me it was strange, but then I also find themselves and find the way when there is only told his mentor. OnDemand in a private company with the average salary in Saigon but her husband always blame the poor, do not have the capacity for higher wages ... Sometimes I just wanna cry unhappy. Then, due to his high esteem should always strive to work to overcome fate.

After a year of work, she's pregnant and can not continue working in the old company by too much work pressure, fear of jeopardizing her baby should have his own firm with accumulated amount plus one her parents for little money. Create their own career path for themselves and their families. But last month will give birth to, her husband to do, but he does not have the capacity to suspend his company.


His family is not native to their home to students that he had to stay home because his son home with each child so they quarter. The last day of her pregnancy at his home and told his parents flax husband lemon or something and saying something derogatory to her anger and a baby soon. These days in the hospital, one of her husband who was loudly insulting her because small inconsistencies with her brother (her husband). Then his mind turned dark, almost dead but a minute think I've tried and have overcome everything.

After 6 months of birth, he had to operate normally. His work has prospered over but very miserable, because his hands to do all despite her husband but he does not help anything. My daughter had her husband take on economic rather then still under pressure from her husband's family. Because he is very obedient family. Despite 38 years old but he has no stance bravery of a husband, family man.

Sometimes her very depressed, deadlock in this marriage. Many times I wanted to leave her husband, but did not want the children to be away from the parents. I do not know what to do? Should I continue or stop. I'm need advice from you, hope you help.

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