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Marquette University (US) |
Marquette University (US) |

It is rated in the top ten percent of the America’s best universities, it is provided the best quality education in the world for nearly 12,000 students, including 650 international students from 68 countries. 

It was founded in 1881 by Jesuit Orthodox Church, Marquette is an independent and prestigious highly university. Jesuit education is famous in the world for combination of excellent education and overall development of each individual. Marquette’s students have learnt the high quality programs to get a bachelor’s degree, master’s, doctoral, dentists and law.

Lecturer at the University of Marquette is highly appreciated in the international marketand nearly 99 percents of schoo’s teacher have a PhD or equivalent degree in the field of education. Percentage of students and teachers is 14 out of 1 helping students to receive closer attention from teachers at school.

Marquette has been also awarded scholarship to more than 90 percents of international student in the first year and excellent transfer students. The University also accepts transfer credit to students who have completed advanced courses, such as the subjects at other universities outside the US.


Traditionally, Jesuit overall education, Marquette is given general knowledge to students through basic subjects of the university and advanced knowledge of more than 70 majors.

Engineering: Biomedical tecnique (biological computer, biological electronics , biological machine), civil engineering and the environment, computer technology and project management, electrical engineering and electronics , mechanical engineering.

Business Administration: accounting, business administration, commercial economics, finance, human resource management, information technology, international business, marketing, administration for supplying and concern operation, Real Property Business.

Communication: advertising, media research, corporate communications, digital communications, press, media studies, public relations, theater arts

Health Sciences: athletic training, biomedical sciences, clinical laboratory science, physiology, nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, speech language pathology.

Chemical Sciences, Physics and Mathematics: Applied Mathematics economics, biological science, biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, economics, mathematics, physics, biochemical sciences.

Social Science: anthropology, crime and law, economics, international relations, interdisciplinary majors, peace studies, political science, psychology, social welfare and justice, social Sociology, women’s Studies and gender

Human culture: ancient languages, English, French, German, history, philosophy, theology, Spanish

Preparary Program: Dentist, Law, Medicine, Lecturer

Education: primary education and secondary education, High school education and secondary education.

Discovering Milwaukee

Marquette University is located right in the city center of Milwaukee- the economic capital of Wisconsin. The city with 1.7 million people is located along the Michigan River, one of North America’s Great Lakes. Milwaukee city is dynamic, diverse but it is also approachable and friendly.

An urban area with many artistic activities, professional sport, famous restaurants, most luxirious museums and many beautiful parks, Milwaukee is an attractive destination for many people across the country. This city is the headquarters of nine companies in the Fortune 500 list and hundreds non-governmental organizations, it also gives opportunities to students to approach community service and excellent practice.

Discovering school

Amphitheater life at Marquette University is not just learning in the classroom or research in the laboratory and university’s library. Students can participate in more than 250 student clubs with activities such as: arts, sports, media, culture, society, politic, spirit and social community activities and many other activities.

The University is committed to provide accommodation with all college students in dormitories of school and is home of students living away from home. This is where students can make perennial friend with unforgettable memories. You will have great experiences while studying at school and exploring the city of Milwaukee.

Highly qualified staff of the Office of International Education organizes orienting sessions for new students, consults immigration matters and cultural exchange around the year and supports the social activities and picnic trips in the area. Schools also have a ceremony room for Muslim students.

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