Mother-son-damn mouth associated battens wife

( Wedding ) Do work out failing, I had to stay home to work online, I earn low wages than his wife so her mother always decry me. I am 33 years old, my poor wife of 5 years, we've been married three years. Currently we have a lovely baby girl is 16 months old. Life seemed happy but sad story happened stems from my wife's mother.

Mother-son-damn mouth associated battens wife
Mother-son-damn mouth associated battens wife

Those early years, my wife's mother is very precious. But since my job business failures, I must move on, she express any irritation to the face. My wife always told me that do not pay any attention to the words you say.

She was always annoyed when he saw me. Sometimes I did not even ask about her answer. This is far different than before, she is very precious to me and tried to cultivate emotional lift for me and daughter. That day, I had a good job and high salary even lovers - my wife now - just graduated from college. Because of my acquaintance that his wife had a stable job with a decent salary. On it, there is nothing tasty home mom for my wife spends.

For now, she just wants me not to the play, even when I'm not on her there are allusions, hard of hearing, she said "parasitic wife", "husband not a husband, wife just sat home go make money "...

For years, I rarely leave the house because I work online. She said there is also some truth, my current salary level is lower than his wife. Equal society now and then, everyone can make money. What made the family happy couple with consensus building a nest but first must question who make more money.

Each one a different job and also other properties. My wife had sympathy for my situation and I also understand that I am the agonies endured. I also feel better when working with rice husband tired of cooking, happier when I did not go to work continuously. I have repeatedly told my mother about my work but I do not believe, she insisted on working out new.

Instead I brought a lot of money out of it now I help her be more of the housework, housework, help her relieve stress, sometimes I also support more work for your wife. These things make my wife's mother have not thought of. I respect you and I'm pretty surprised her but because she would grudge him, hated because I made less money than his wife.

I and father rather choir in Clause drink. Dad told me not to tell her mother that these words imply that bad, perhaps because she was only a few friends or encouragements also worried about his daughter hard. Of course, I'm an only child so I understand the circumstances of her only child is like. But words often my mother really upset, depressed and helpless. I do not know how to mother and wife can change the look of the groom. Please help me with.

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