Nine secrets to study well of the US students

( College Education ) Nine secrets to study well of the US students. America should have more well-developed university and is also the place with best and excellent students. Here are 9 tips of good America Students: 

Nine secrets to study well of the US students
Nine secrets to study well of the US students

1. Do not allow any work to interrupt learning, once you are learning, you must forget the things around you and ignore the words of enticement of friends.

2.Always take full advange of the time logically, the best students often define their work hours very closely. In general, they are very consistent in learning plan.

3. Always neatly arrange the learning corner, everything should be neatly arranged so that you can be obtained when you need, this is very important because it will save time and won’t interrupt learning.

4. Train how to read, how to read fast very helpful, not only read various words, but also have to look at index, outline first, as this will have a general idea about the main contents of the book so you should remember longer. According to Gordon W Green “The people knowing how to read book will always give yourself the question to understand what the author would like to say”

5. Create a learning program, timetable, divide the work into small pieces and try to complete each section, as soon as possible to review. Especially, when examination were approaching

6. Know how to take notes in class. It is important to note the things which teacher emphasises during lecturing thoroughly, because it is an important issue to do exercise and it is very good to write a few sentences summarizing before finishing.

7. Do assignments carefully, teachers often are in sympathy with all clean, tidyworks.

8. Do not be afraid to ask questions in class, when you haven’t understood yet, you should ask directly immediately, the lesson will be remembered longer and a good results depend on the level of understanding of the problem, not merely answer enough test questions.

9. Regularly discuss with friends what you do not understand. Discuss will each otheron matter, give solutions to jointly solve, independent students who want to study can spend useless time when they solve themselves the difficulty without sharing with friends.

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