Opportunities to study San Diego State University in the US

( College Education News news.c10mt.com ) Opportunities to study San Diego State University in the US. The school was founded in 1897 with 35.000 current students and 9.600 personnels. San Diego State University (SDSU) is the large and old public university in San Diego city, California.

Opportunities to study San Diego State University in the US
Opportunities to study San Diego State University in the US

This school is ranked 149th all over the US (according to US News and World Reports by the 2015) and ranked 47th among western universities in the United States. From the school, student takes only 20 minutes by car to the city center, 2 hours to get to Los Angeles and Tijuana (large urban areas between the US and Mexico), half an hour by car.

Learning at SDSU gives students the opportunity to work in California after graduation – one of the largest labor market in America and the sixth largest economy in the world with the largest economic centers, Hollywood film capita, Silicon Valley, Wine Valley, etc.

Thousands of students at school is graduated each year, among them, 50 percents geting jobs in San Diego, provide the main labor force for this city. San Diego is the second largest city in California, followed by Los Angeles. The climate is sunny with blue sea, white sand, summer temperature is rarely exceeding 26 degrees Celcius, while the temperature in winter is always higher than 5 degrees Celcius.

Opportunities to study San Diego State University in the US

SDSU has seven faculties with many fields such as: economics, engineering, public health, psychology, art, biology, foreign affairs, education and linguistics. In there, the school has 91 graduate majors, 78 master’s specialities, 22 doctoral degree programs.

The strength of the school is to train economics, SDSU was ranked 8th for the training program of international economic bachelor rated by USNews & World. SDSU is one of the best public universities in the research segment. Since 2000, the school has been attracted 1 billion for research projects by teachers and students at school.

SDSU also provides student with services such as: tutoring, health service and health insurance, counseling, employment. The service is ensured safe and healthy life for students: 24-hour patrol, escorting service, 24-hour emergency telephone, control and access the hostel by locking, security card, etc.Percentage of teachers and students of the school is 28: 1, small class size: 20 students per class. 

Thus, students are thoroughly interested, receptive and grasp curriculum. This school has more than 200 student clubs helping integrate easily and develop the capability. Aztec center of SDSU campus is the organizing place of cultural and artistic programs, concerts, movies, sport events, outdoor trips, etc.

Tuition of one year for university program is about 18.000 dollars and 15.000 USD for masters, preparatory MBA and pre-master with fees ranging from 4.000 to 6.000 a course. Every year, 54.8 percents of student receive financial aid and scholarship of the school and external organizations based on learning result along with awards of 10.000 USD. Besides, the student also has the opportunity to find employment after graduation or do overtine while studying through The Federal Work-Study (FWS) at school.

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