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( College Education News ) Settle Central Community College. Introduction the Seattle Central Community College. Scholarships. Education program. University’s transfer program. College bridge program. Very fast english program (esl). Specialized engineering program. High school program. Short-term certificate courses. Practice program for learning experience. College admission.

Settle Central Community College |
Settle Central Community College |

I. Introduction the Seattle Central Community College

Seattle Central Community College is the only community college located in the Seattle city center, Washington. The school is located on Capitol Hill, far from skyscraper of Seattle city15-minutes by land.

Around the school area has many restaurants, cafes, clubs, cinemas and shops. Seattle is a very friendly and secure city and is one of the most ideal places for living in America.

Every year, 10.000 American students and 600 international students from over 40 countries enter the Seattle Central Community College. Like most of the other precious community colleges, Seattle Central is very proud of excellent lecturers, small classes, diverse curriculum, attention for student as well as the relatively low tuition of the school.

Seattle Central was recognized as “College of the Year” title in 2001 among more than 1.200 colleges and universities in the US by Time Megazine and Seattle Central is the school with international student community coming from many countries most in America with 650 international students. Seattle Central’s students not only learn from books, from teachers but also learn from their classmates.

II. Scholarships

The school has scholarships for international students (a total value of 100.000 dollars). Also, it is also awarded prizes 300.000 dollars for each year entering students. In addition, employment counseling center will help international students find jobs at school.

III. Education program

3.1. UNIVERSITY’s TRANSFER PROGRAM. Ie the “2 + 2″, students can learn 2 first years of the graduate program at Seattle Central College then moves to other universities such as: University of Washington, University of California-Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia and Dartmouth University to study 2 last years to get a bachelor’s degree.

3.2. COLLEGE BRIDGE PROGRAM. It is part time English school helping students can take advantage of the maximum time to both learn English and learn the official curriculum.

3.3. VERY FAST ENGLISH PROGRAM (ESL). Learn English with suitable learning program can get high results. After completing this program, the students can study directly Seattle Central College without input test.

3.4. SPECIALIZED ENGINEERING PROGRAM. 2-year study period, with more than 35 disciplines in the areas of high recruitment need such as: information technology, biotechnology, health care, food and fashion design.

3.5. HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM. Intensive study program allows students which haven’t graduated yet from high school to be able to get high school degree and college diploma.

3.6. SHORT-TERM CERTIFICATE COURSES. Time to learn is from 2 to 15 months with many different disciplines. If you want, you can register practice.

3.7. PRACTICE PROGRAM FOR LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Students will be trained in conjunction with the guidance of practical work experience so that students can get a job in America companies.

IV. Conditions for entering school

4.1. College admission: Graduated high school. English: TOEFL: 520 marks.

4.2. Admission for College Bridge program: Graduated high school. English: TOEFL: 470 marks.

4.3. Admission for High School: At least 16 years old. Completed grade 10.

Especially at this school, students who do not have a TOEFL score have still been entered school and will test level. Depending on test results, students can learn the College Bridge program or very fast English program.

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