Since wealthier, my marriage as hell

( Wedding ) I was really depressed, I'm bored of this marriage, he lived with me always in anxiety, insecurity, I do not know what you're thinking, doing. My husband and I are both aged middle-aged hits, we were married 13 years and have two sons. First 8 years newlywed life difficult but happy, about 5 years of my husband's business had more but besides that happiness is undermined.

Since wealthier, my marriage as hell
Since wealthier, my marriage as hell

My husband had never listened to or to the mind's attention to his wife, the couple have about aggression, I was always the healing though not my fault. The money and time you can not know me, he put as many know this much, like, do not like do not put put, he says he hates the most is that I asked him to give money. As I said he had never sat down to talk to her to find common ground so I was suppressed.

I try to patiently seek appropriate opportunities to submit to her husband the things from the heart to the couple harmony one must reduce his ego down a bit, but rarely convey all standard I want to say for listening a few sentences is not for my husband said. At such times I talk about money, he said: "Money well spent know never to end", but he did not give me (I also would say that the money he gave me just enough for household expenses or a little extra), but his real job that much I earn.

However, he did spend a lot of money to go drink, or a week, you have to drink at least 5 days. I spend money on the table together not regret my hand while breakfast with cold rice, sometimes children go out to eat, I had to pay. I remember more than 3 years ago in a time eating out, so I can not afford to bring up the cry he gave more to pay bills, he rolled his eyes and told me that he did not have to give any money, why should I bring money not enough ... I was shaking with fear can not afford to pay it to do this, the husband will lose face with the people (my husband is a very honorable person) I'm messing up call to call people bring home more money, he gave me the hook money with real attitude is fear.

But since then my heart Sprawl questions and extremely disappointed (I was very sensitive, difficult to forgive me if someone insults me), and since then until now never go to husband out that I have no more money at all. I would also add that my husband very well with outsiders, with a friend, he gave me money for 3 days I was admitted to the account but was arrested I let you draw you borrow, he was put to me Last night he told me to put into place again because I new he was hospitalized (he was a wealthy brother than he).

Since wealthier, my married life like hell.

Housework, childcare you have given me all, am I going to do about the human dimension, I do not have a period of time for himself. Want to go eat with colleagues nor if she must wait two children to lead, when I nagged him say men go drinking as usual, the work must be so, and the woman was to finish work on the care of children, do not have to bring a few from that comparison. When you are sick, you do not think the work I do, I tell you a day off work to help my child stay at home, he started talking nonstop work well, but if you have any acquaintances in his hometown yet can stay all day to go drinking with them.

When little abundant life we ​​have built is more spacious house, it's time I get tired more. He was out showing off, pretending that people have money and you get people to admire. The more he does so, the more I shrank, my husband bored with it. He boasted of his brother was not enough for the family to go show off both his brother again, so that they exclaimed my husband with me that you made it miserable because he has boasted its behalf.

My house has two bedrooms, I do so for two separate sleeping son, but he likes to invite friends and acquaintances to go home to bed. I would also add, my husband who is also chief if I meet his acquaintance without greeting, no warm hospitality is not to be with him. During this friend I had, although very uncomfortable, but still decent entertainment.

Earn more money, the family no longer fun

Culminating in his job led grandson (20 years old) in his hometown at my house to go to work. But this nephew just one day before the camp due to drug crime play, fighting, drinking. His family home under calculates how I did not know, he finally led it up to my house. I am not pleased to hear this news, I was very worried because the two sons that live in urban areas, how many evils so that now he dragged his nephew, an addict of the family home without talking with I a word while he knew I would never agree.

I was really depressed, I'm bored of this marriage, he lived with me always in anxiety, insecurity, I do not know what you're thinking, doing. At this stage I'm thinking of divorce, I was considering divorce after I faced the difficulty. As if living with you, I did not endure anymore. I'm just afraid I'm crazy because I keep getting him work stress, sleepless hours I was sick, not eating, the mind is not concentrated work and or yelling unprovoked anger.

More and more he despised me. He made my life hell, I live in insecurity, I have to live a lie in order to have a pitying gaze of others. During this time I am trying to awake to think about what I have to do after divorce, I'm not sure I will give two children a comfortable life, but at least I did not let my children go hungry and Furniture school. I ask everyone to give me advice, I am very desperate now has nothing to do motivation for me to continue this marriage.

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