Synthesis of play in Saigon beautiful at night

( Entertainment Venues ) The entertainment venues in Saigon beautiful. Here, is a list of the entertainment spots in Saigon can fit for you, as well as for everyone to consult and more interested offline. If you prefer to go where they can choose to play the beautiful places below that Tam Chicken made offline.

Synthesis of play in Saigon beautiful at night
Synthesis of play in Saigon beautiful at night

The entertainment venues are listed below. Will help bring a freshness for your family, or may bring a certain inspiration interesting for young people today to Saigon. Also, the longer you can be immersed in the new game site, as well as the miracle at locations currently playing.
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The recreation facilities at Saigon 01: Dam Sen Cultural Park

This is one of the recreational areas most affordable premium and now, where people can choose to play on weekends or during the holidays of their own families. The area here is very large, and there are plenty of interesting areas different game. At Dam Sen Cultural Park you can join games like fairy castles, outdoor stage, as well as camping areas, or go canoeing and kayaking between various large lakes. Address Dam Sen Cultural Park: No. 3 Hoa Binh, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh

The recreation facilities at Saigon 02: Suoi Tien Tourist Area

Only about 19km from the city center you can, choose one of the entertainment venues in Saigon very interesting in District 9. This is the domestic and foreign tourists, evaluation is a weekend entertainment ideal for all the family. With great space, very lyrical and romantic, as both forest and river fish artificial lake here.

You will be immersed in the magnificent atmosphere at the Suoi Tien tourist resort. According to Tam Chicken is known, at Suoi Tien has more than 2,000 individuals, and hundreds of fish species are concentrated here, enough for you to immerse yourself in the mystic aquarium artificial. Address Suoi Tien tourism area in the 120 AH1, Tan Phu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh

The recreation facilities at Saigon 03: Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens - HCMC

This is the one where the focus is very much rare animals, are included in the Red Book of the world and Vietnam. And as the historic record, it was built in 1864 and inaugurated in 1865. After how many years have passed, this is considered as one of the famous cultural destination of Ho Chi Minh City.

And is home to animal conservation have long life in the world. Chicken Heart and family or also choose this location for the weekly entertainment. You also rather excited !!! Address Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens in the 2B Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1.

The recreation facilities at Saigon 04: Ky Hoa Tourist Area

Reportedly this is one of the tourist resort located in the heart of the city. And is a place of extraordinary natural landscape fresh, with 14h area, this will be one of the entertainment venues in Saigon most beautiful and attractive, can bring higher spiritual values ​​for adults and young children.

In this place, which often takes the stage this kind of interesting, with lots of living area and attractive cultural and artistic dancing, fashion shows, or lion dance and dragon dance. In addition, there are other forms of entertainment such as boating, take the train, or the mini zoo is also very attractive. Address Ky Hoa resort at number 12 street February 3, District 10, Ho Chi Minh

The recreation facilities at Saigon 05: Van Thanh Tourist Area

Located a bit far from the city center of Ho Chi Minh, in Binh Thanh District has a very grand resorts. It was founded in 1985 at a waterfront lands, the charming scenery and proximity to nature and people. You can come here with family to relax, and enjoy one of the natural environment clean and green.

According to Tam Chicken is known, it is always focused activities famous cultural festivals, as well as the travel service locations serving individuals and organizations at home and abroad. Maybe, someday, we can meet here. You and I together we further tighten friendship, right? Address Van Thanh Tourist area in 48/10 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District

Synthesis beautiful places revel in Saigon
Synthesis beautiful places revel in Saigon

The recreation facilities at Saigon 06: Tao Dan Cultural Park

Situated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city, and the people of Saigon was a name dear and affectionately as Mr. Park Shanghai. Because here meet the elite of the nation, and is one of the ideal locations for domestic and foreign tourists entertainment, as well as active participation in outdoor and indoor fun.

Tao Dan is also home to many ethnic activities such as the Hung Temple festival or held here annually, or spring flowers Assembly is held annually, and is also home to a large number of her uncle to daily entertainment. Certainly, this is where many attractions for you and your family in every weekend. Address Tao Dan Cultural Park in the 15C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1

The recreation facilities at Saigon 07: Binh Quoi Tourist Area - Thanh Da

Dubbed as one of the famous entertainment venues in Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City Northwest. And especially located on Thanh Da peninsula of old, this is the domestic and foreign tourists every night option. As with the program style Southern cuisine and rustic folk.

Then you can with family and friends to enjoy the scenery in green and quiet more. The children can play comfortably with the game, or the fun pool here. And in particular point adjacent to the Saigon River, it will be one of the entertainment venues in Saigon most interesting for your family. Places Thanh Binh Quoi tourism area Da at 1147 Binh Quoi, Ward 28, Binh Thanh District

The recreation facilities at Saigon 08: Sac Forest resort - Gio

Located quite far from the city of Ho Chi Minh City, about 70 km. You can choose Gio is a more interesting entertainment. Since this is also in the City but also in Nha only. It also has a lot of fauna and flora is extremely rich and world famous.

Sac Forest Tourist Area is one of the place is considered the largest mangrove forest in Vietnam our homeland. And where is the domestic and foreign visitors choose to explore this area of ​​eco-tourism. Chicken Heart also had the opportunity to visit this Sac Forest three to five times each year. It's an ideal place for young people wishing to explore. Address resorts Rung Sac Gio in Long Hoa Commune, Can Gio District, HCMC. HCM.

The recreation facilities at Saigon 09: Ecotourism Zone minority Cu

Also in the play area near Saigon City. You can choose ecotourism destinations in Fosaco, were people simile is one of the great Highland thousand exist. Because this is where the focus is pretty much unique culture of the people of Vietnam as the architecture and the village festival of the people of Vietnam.

The type of fun activities here is quite close to the community of the people of Vietnam. Accompanied by charming nature, rustic with the district of Muong ethnic culture, or as S'tieng Bana or Churu, ... Also, here also the stage performance culture music weekly minorities. Address Village Ecology Culture Ethnic Minorities in Ap Cu 4, Nhuan Duc Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho. HCM

The recreation facilities at Saigon 10: Eighteen village Betel garden Hocmon

Only about 20 km City center. Tourists Vietnam as well as abroad, always fun to receive this location. Since this has been one of the martial spirit of an entire people and somewhere there are garden fresh green betel, flooded shade for everyone.

Visiting here, will also be choosing to walk or ride a horse well, and you will have a chance to meet with people enthusiastic and open. Together reviewed the traditional story of the national hero in 18 betel garden this village, in two wars against imperialist secular as France and the US imperialists. Address 18 villages betel garden: Ba Diem - Hoc Mon, HCMC

SC VivoCity Trade Center is one of the entertainment spots in Saigon at night beautiful and attractive. It also has many children's play area very interesting for young families, as well as gather a lot of eating places crowded that you can enjoy every night.

Also, with the war film CGV Cinemas in SC VivoCity apply advanced technologies worldwide IMAX. Will meet the needs of high-top entertainment for the family and more people today. Address SC VivoCity shopping mall in 1058 Avenue of Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong, Ho Chi Minh, 700000, Vietnam

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