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( College Education News news.c10mt.com ) Tacoma Community College provides a dynamic learning environment to recognize the success of the students, the practical knowledge and teaching quality. This school let you can choose from 50 school areas or vocational training of 44 professional technical programs.

Tacoma Community College | news.c10mt.com
Tacoma Community College | news.c10mt.com

It provides students with assistance to help students complete the course excellently. With a small class size and regular exchange of students between classes can help students exchange, communicate and integrate with the students in different countries. TCC offers many diversified schools with low tuition, helping the students may save the expense.

After graduating from college at school, students may transfer to universities in the region with many prestigious schools and the rich disciplines: There are more than 60 disciplines, including architects, arts, business administration, information technology, engineering, environmental science, psychology and many other fields.

Tacoma Community College | news.c10mt.com

4 academic years: 2 year at Tacoma community college and 2 years at a US University. It is 4-years of bachelor’s degree. After graduation, students can transfer to the University of Washington, University of Ohio, Purdue, the University of New York, University of California, and many other universities.

More than 30 training programs for awarding 1-year degree and two years including: Business Administration and Concern Management, Trade, Information Technology, Computing, Communication Program, Network Development.

- Comfort: It is entirely possible to use the facilities and services at school, including all the labs, computer, tutoring center, and free Internet use for all students.

- Support Services: Comprehensive services for international students include: picking students up at the airport, free tutoring, counseling for learning, vocational guidance and personal matters and advising for transfering to graduate degree. Many activities are for students including: sightseeing, the extracurricular activities, sports, and more than 20 clubs on the campus.

- Convenient Location: Located on the northwest region of the nice America, just 35 minutes to the south of Seattle, Tacoma city is safe and friendly to live and study.

- Disciplines : English Program. Tranfering Program for university. Community College Program. Certificate Program for Professional Competence and Technique. Student Exchange Program.

- The curriculum : Information technology. Office skills. Public Service. Medicine – health. Commerce. Language. History, physics, chemistry. Office, etc.

- Cost: English: 2.584 USD / each semester (3 months). Community College or Technique: 14.667 USD / each year (3 semesters) including accommodation, living cost and books.

- Admission time: Opening English Monthly. College: January (in the winter – winter), April (spring semester), June ( summer semester), September (fall semester).

- Accommodation: Students can choose to share a house with an American family, hostel near the school or apartment.

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