The famous University of Kansas state

( College Education ) The famous University of Kansas state. America has more than 50 states and thousands of universities across the state. So to choose a university which is suitable for ability and your desire is not easy. Kansas is a Midwestern’s state in the United States. This state is named after the Kansas River flowing through the state, and its name of the river originating from Kansa Sioux language means “the peoples of the south wind”.

The famous University of Kansas state
The famous University of Kansas state

Academic Accelerator Program for the first year of university – successful key for 4 years of University

AAP program is designed very scientific for 1 year. In addition to seeking the first year’s curriculums, students are trained more in English proficiency and participated in skill classes to ensure that learning university will be got the best performance. Students studying the AAP programs will be also learntfree English classes during the first year of university. Besides, there are classes guiding effective learning methods like writing an essay, communicating, team work and presentation in public. These classes are designed basing on university program in the US.

With small class size (maximum 25 students) and it was designed specifically very friendly to strengthen the interaction between teachers and students, thereby helping students feel more confident in asking questions and presenting your ideas. After school, if the students haven’t understood yet something or had any questions, you can ask the teacher / tutor at convenient times. University of Kansas has a special care for international students so when meeting any difficulty in learning or life and living, students can find supporting services 24 hours/ 7 days.

The learning industry is very diverse and the opportunity to work in and after graduating (CPT and OPT).

With more than 200 majors, students may find most of your favorite studying industries at the University of Kansas such as: Economics, Finance, Marketing, the Specialization Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Tourism and Hotels, Education, Music, Art, The Social sciences and Nature. It is a most prestigious University with many science applicating research works for social communities, so University of Kansas has been funded by many corporations and major companies and cooperated extensively in many scientific research projects.
Therefore, the University of Kansas is very proud of a trusted partner of many big corporations at Lawrence such as Coca Cola, Ford, Bayer Healthcare, Microsoft, Samsung, etc. It will help the students of the school have the opportunity to join the program CPT (paid internship) and OPT (stayed at the United States to work officially after graduation) at the best corporations.

The modern and comfortable hostel

Students at the University of Kansas will be studied and lived in a safe, comfortable and modern dormitory. There are many campuses in different positions for students to choose, each location will let you experience an exciting and different view on the student life. You can choose 2 or 4 people with seperated bedroom, creating privacy and maximum comfort in living and learning for students. With attentive service quality, students will feel comfortable and safe as you are at your home. In the campus has supermarket, bookstore, pool, modern gym, beautiful coffee shops and especially more than 20 restaurants spreading across the campus, serving hundreds of different Asian dishes , ensuring all culinary needs of students.

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