The opportunity to be able to enroll in 6 best universities of the US

( College Education ) Today, meeting the requirements of employers and enhancing job opportunities is a major concern and challenge for many students after graduation. Most of employers are expecting candidates with full of 4 factors: experience, basic knowledge, awareness of the business environment and the ability to communicate well.

The opportunity to be able to enroll in 6 best universities of the US

To improve job opportunities later, selecting the way studying abroad has become quite popular with the students, and even employees. International diplomas now highly appreciated by organizations and accepted in many countries will satisfy for employers. Besides, studying abroad will give an opportunity to approach closely actual environment for students in the learning process and then accumulates experience and orient the job in the future.

When coming to career orientation workshop of ILA (Educational Organizing Link of Shorelight), parents and students will be represented the Shorelight to share the specific requirements of employers and how to maximize opportunities looking for new graduate students.

- University of Kansas (KU) was established in 1865, is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Lawrence,is the most prestigious university in the state of Kansas with about 28.000 students from 105 countries around the world. This school has been one of 34 best public universities ofthe famous AAU organization since 1909 (according to US News & World Report 2014), one of 9 public universities with the best international training program, ranked 70th in engineer spciality, 50th in Economy speciality, It is the best research university with the cooperation of companies like Ford, Microsoft, Samsung, Disney, Coca-Cola, etc.

- University of Central Florida is the largest public university in the US 2, is located in Orlando with more than 60,000 students from 140 countries around the world (in 2013). It is one of 100 best public universities, one of 4 percent of the best America’s schools, some specialities of the school are highly appreciated as: computer (58th), health care (68th) and specialized Engineers (50th) according to US News & World Report, 2014.

- Florida International – a public university in the city of Miami, Florida will be an extremely attractive destination for students. It was ranked one of 100 US’s universities, particularly training programs of Marketing bachelor was ranked 7th, the school currently has about 54,000 students enrolled in 12 member schools and increasingly more students register school here. Currently nurse training and law bachelor training faculty are strengths of the school.

- Auburn University (AU) is one of 100 best public schools in America. It was founded in 1856 at ALABAM, school is now home of over 25,000 students from more than 50 countries in the world. AU was recognized as the highest standards of achievement in training Business and Accounting by AACSB International. Only 5 percents of the training schools in Business and Accountancy of the more than 11.000 schools in the world were recognized by AACSB.

- University of South Carolina (USC) is the largest public universities and best of South Carolina. The school has more than 200-years old, with the main campus in the Columbia city (South Carolina state capital) and 8 satellite campuses in other cities in the state of South Carolina were ranked one of the best schools in the US (known as the R1 group). Among of more than 4000 universities in the US, only 63 schools were ranked this. Some specialities of the school have beenhightly appreciated: hotel management, tourism (ranked 10 in the US), international business (1), electrical mechanics (7).

- Louisiana State University (LSU) is located in Baton Rouge, capital of Louisiana State (in the southeastern of United States). LSU is the accomodation of the nearly 30.000 students and 1.300 lecturers. It was ranked among the 2 percents of the best universities in the world, LSU has trained Bachelor degrees, postgraduate and professional diplomas in over 250 fields. It was ranked one of the best National Universities (according to US News & World Report). The best industries include: Petroleum (the only school in the United States with oil field), Business, Architecture, Engineering, Computer Science.

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