Tips to reply interview when asking for visa to study abroad

( College Education ) Tips to reply interview when asking for visa to study abroad. Students who would like to study abroad will first have to pass ainterview to ask for visa at the British, the US, France, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Spain Embassies, etc. So How do we should answer the interview?

Tips to reply interview when asking for visa to study abroad
Tips to reply interview when asking for visa to study abroad

With personal experience of a consultant with many years of training interview exchange students, asking for visa is not difficult. Everyone knew this difficulty, but to become easily, think interviewing is a conversation that you must convince listener. If you do under this way, it will feel more comfortable, calmer and certainly will be more confident. Confidence was successful 50 percents! So what will you do to satisfy staff of embassies, consulates?

Firstly, prepare a full file under the request of the embassy, in accordance with each circumstance and your course.

Secondly, as mentioned above, consider as the interview as a conversation, so first you should show them that you will have a fascinating conversation by your appearance. I’m not only saying the beautiful or hot girl, hot boy can get a visa, but please pay attention to the appearance a bit: neat hair, clean and polite dress. You should smile and let them see your friendliness with some good questions.

Thirdly, it is not fine for exchange students to speak negative question: Your English is not good enough like this, how you can learn English? Don’t get rattled. Tell them that my English is not good enough, so I registered short-term English courses before formal course, with such a good learning environment and hard studying, my ambition, I will definitely meet my course.

Fourthly, if you can’t hear, you can ask again. Do not be afraid of asking, because only so you can correctly answer questions.

Fifthly, of course content of conversation willbe determined by the interviewer, it will be so at the beginning time, and sometimes you should think that you are the interviewer but then it is doubtful, if you can divert theme, then you definitely have visa.

Finally, the biggest obstacle for your visa is the employee’s suspect for your studying, you likely return home. Let’s build an academic program and working closely and logically, let them see that your country is really good, rich and beautiful, but I will return to my land with the best persuasive reasons.

Good luck! And remember to share this experience with others when there is chance!

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