Project Educine by Soul Garden Vietnam Community

( Soul Garden ) About This Project: Soul Garden Vietnam community focuse on develop a proper way living of children, we came up with an idea is to do charity with the purpose is to create events for children to participate a healthy educational environment and humanities by showing cartoon from Walt Disney, Pixar and extra curriculum activities (Educine).

Project Educine by Soul Garden Vietnam Community
Project Educine by Soul Garden Vietnam Community

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Project Educine by Soul Garden Vietnam Community

Through enjoying the cinema, which is represent the nature of higher education by seeding lots of good things inside their mind without forcing or bias. They will understand and keep it naturally from times. This project is valuable because of its meaningful insight and with your contribution, we will be able to kick-off this very first campaign as pioneer in using of Movie Show  as the core concept of doing charity in Vietnam. 

Time And Place Of This Project

We will organize the Educine event on 2nd October 2015 for 500 students in Binh Duc Elementary School. The Binh Duc Elementary School far 50km from Ho Chi Minh City. The percentage of poor students in this school is 10%. Most of student must walk on barefoot to go to school, and it is very tough for them during this rainning season. All student need to balance between school life and family in terms of working with their parents to ensure their education path.

What We Need In This Project

We are now looking for sponsor, donor and your kindness to help us make Soul Garden come true. Currently, we are trying to get fund up to $1,000 and each of them will be list down below for you all to see it:

- Gifts (book, notebook,..) for 500 Students: $500
- Supper & Water for 500 students: $250
- Sound system, screen, projector outdoors for educine event: $250

More Update Infomation Of This Project. We will update the information of this project on this