Recording logs Soul Garden outpost in Ben Luc, Long An

( Tâm Gà Search Box ) Memoir Soul Garden logs outpost in Ben Luc, Long An. If you've never been to places Binh Germany Elementary School in Binh Duc Hamlet 4 Ben Luc District, Long An Province, please follow us to report back on 2nd outpost here.

Recording logs Soul Garden outpost in Ben Luc, Long An
Recording logs Soul Garden outpost in Ben Luc, Long An
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We derive in Go Vap District at 8:30 am ,. And the road goes departure, we choose the plan go in the inner city, to test locations from here to there about 40 kilometers away so fast, there is not. If it does not say near near, say it is also not far away that much compared to the downhill Gio.

Recording logs Soul Garden outpost in Ben Luc, Long An

But why should we choose to go in the city plan (?) Because we hesitate to meet the pigeons somewhere inside this box, and gets into it wants to avoid off road. But do not be mistaken, all that is right, everything will be different from what you imagine with in real life.

You take the car and go try it and always, new friends to experience the feeling off the street, encroachment online, crawl on the road, is to fix each line kilometers with the early sun scorching events a man's ring.

8:30 which comes to nearly 10.30 points us to get to this school. Roads were far, but still faces a red dirt road, each run farm vehicle having run up, as you have been enjoying the hundreds of thousands signed dirt road close to the surface. First, we have ideas that have encountered fog in Ben Luc, Long An already. But no !!! It's cleaner that way you ...

Sunny, blinding dust greenery, making our journeys camera seems to be black fill the windshield, the naughty, all markers of red alluvial soil ... But so determined to do it, we also arrived at the right place after 2 hours at a rate broadly 60 km / h. It is wonderful to be here for the drawing, and designing junk to prep the following weekend.

After evaluation and analysis, we seem to see the children here were too difficult for ourselves. Must swim dozens of kilometers on dusty red dirt road to reach the school. To learn with the red shirt of this alluvium Vietnam. Must be in the room full of sharp little old school, but the children still laugh ... still glad we came. Why did you come so motivated?

Give me an answer why we had to go there (?) Why do we want to film animation for underprivileged babies there (?) ... This is because we realize that, our own responsibility to the community and society.

There were so many other children, not their parents on holiday to embrace the holiday entertainment, how many children have never had childhood memories of animation films there. Tell us about why it actually occur?

Well temporarily coalesce with those questions that no answer. And I will share to you the end of the trip today, sections of our departure at 11 noon sweltering sun. And we selected the 1A to go faster, and have a chance to hunt militants speed along other heavy street.

But we were wrong, 1A sugar is worse than, dozens of trucks turns encroachment line, sounding louder than the bombing, screech louder la station, ... and elsewhere, we seem has seemed, like being a car Public download it somehow sucked into sofas and determination.

Due truck horrible encroachment unprecedented route, we had to creep to a crawl with the correct speed as in highway, we ran with a speed of 40 km / h. And we have complied with stringent traffic rules is never encroached online, whether public passenger urgent to (?)

Because we recognize, in 1A the dove stands still more in the inner city, and the dove casual shirt filming us, even more than the guy shooting another wedding (which is the guy that shot speed). So excuse for speeding doing, to give a few minutes of being eaten by spending it?

Yet, we have felt that the distance on road is adventure under the sun as fire poured an indomitable spirit eternal, and feel comfortable after having completed the assigned tasks. But naturally the language properly and ret ret ahead. Ouch! What a horrible scene happened in the blink of an eye ...

And in a few minutes elapsed snap, appearing in such a mat somewhere and green bananas covered up someone, oh tan injured and seems to have a trace of something that has torn my soul then. Desolation, fearful, three seven astral soul back, ... 1A ramp is not for the faint of heart, and you want to conquer this route, you have to have great heart and mental pressure when Quick handling certain situations.

2h30 language coming from the Tan Phu Ben Luc, a distance of horror, filled deposited in our hearts and fall on the crowd scene and beyond like that. Do not listen to what people say, but to conquer and feel it is right or not? If not true, then the car up and go bag feel of you.

Generally, the way this money 2nd station, I had realized. What better their lives so many people. And what we're doing even more precious, much more. Hopefully this will be one of the partner program, with the children during the development stage, and encourage the children study well and work out the mirror to become good citizens of our country Vietnam feebleness.

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