Each book is a repository of knowledge and emotion

( Soul Garden news.c10mt.com ) Takes us to a new horizon. Books are friends for our intimates. However, knowledge and love of each book should be expanded, spreading to the sympathetic soul, so people find their love and their new things.

Each book is a repository of knowledge and emotion
Each book is a repository of knowledge and emotion

Soul Garden come with this time, we look forward to using my books, sending hearts to join hands to bring the baby spent a wonderful memory and meaning through charity screenings. Every book you brought to my bookshelf is a friend that team Soul Garden cherish handed to you, there is also a small flame lit contribute to dream and belief in babies Duc Binh Primary School, Long An.

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Please select your favorite book and a hand giving them a colorful flower garden in early childhood soul. The proceeds from the sale of this book will be devoted to fund a charity screening program for primary school children in Binh Duc. Thank you.

This is a charity screening for children at primary school children of primary school in Binh Duc. The purpose of the program is to create conditions for children to have a healthy educational environment and humanities. Through enjoying the cartoon nature of higher education, the children will learn a lot of useful things. Also the program can also help children learn by playing active games with innovative and build solidarity.

Please sponsors hearted Please donate to the screening of this film to be with the little elementary school in Binh Duc. All your contributions are of great significance for us. Thank you. In addition, we also gladly received in kind contributions to the program, including: books, white sets, clothes for the baby .... elementary. You donor wishing to donate may contact us at the telephone number below.

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