There are no substance value can be offs by Soul Garden

( Soul Garden ) As a child, any one of us who has ever had the dream, baby bring his dream of becoming a doctor, a teacher, a pilot, an engineer, or even a super hero to save the world gender. In countless successful people out there, who was not unusual for the boy she grew up with a strong faith and strive tirelessly for childhood dream.

There are no substance value can be offs by Soul Garden
There are no substance value can be offs by Soul Garden

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We believe, dreams, the belief was nurtured childhood would take very long in childhood to later life. The belief is we learned through the lessons, through books, through the narrator, through the films that will remaining value until forever.

There are no substance value can be offs by Soul Garden

For babies in remote areas, while the meal is still difficult, the conditions they are exposed to books, films are extremely limited. An amount or amounts of food will help you out for a day on a full stomach, but for them to have a brighter future than the main dreams and beliefs child can do it. Therefore, Soul Garden desired project gives the babies the animated film deeply humane, like sowing a seed, a belief in their hearts.

On baby, I do not remember what I was dreaming. Just recounts how, at age 5, in a single rare times, station animated film Peter Pan instead of daily news programs lost due to wave. The film makes a child happy to be getting a miracle.

But really, it is inherently a miracle during the television to watch the little flower was happy. Dang also viewed Peter Pan, the story of a flying boy wearing blue outfit beautifully with the saying: "Do not be large, mature is a trap!" (Do not grow up, it's a trap!).

Later, lucky to be read many fairy tales, the humane film. Thanks to this, but subconsciously I always believed in gentle suddenly will have healed, suffering will make future commitments. If asked what I wish now, I wish I would have a chance to bring the "miracle" for the baby like I had as infants. This is a small project, brought the film to sow the seeds of love and dreams for the baby difficult. We believe if the heart is filled, it will overcome the difficulty of the material.

It is possible for us adults, a movie is just a movie, but for me, the film that would be a miracle associated with childhood and dreams wings.
We are trying our best to bring you a most memorable anniversary. And above all, keep the dream child forever remain lit in their hearts.

But everything is starting nan, we are just ordinary working people, there are many conditions that can help them. The budget for the entire program is approximately 30 million, a figure that is not small. With our best, until the present time we have donated 20 million. And still lacks 10 million to fulfill this dream.

So we write this, so hopefully you will also join hands with us. Please help with everything possible, be it cash or in kind, we also are willing. Detailed program and how to fund it, you can read above. Let's bring them a miracle !

Dear dear friends,

Who have always supported this charity program. After the night of trying, finally the first product of Soul Garden handmade and shipped. We call this creative posters. Sometimes, we impasse, bored, and want to get rid of all to escape this difficult life.

At such times, what we need is some encouragement, as the message is, that success is never easy, but always worthy. The poster little friend will always be there to encourage you. When about to give up, let's look at this friend, recalls the reason you started. And continue to fight.

If you want to own one of these little friends, please contact us. For every person you will bring to the charity program 50k. The entire amount will be funded "charity screening of children" at Binh Duc early this October. Thank you.

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