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With more than 8 million people who live, study and work, Saigon dining venuesis one of the economic centers - culture - politics of the country. More specifically, populated by peculiar poured in from various provinces and foreigners, Saigon is considered a place of cultural diversity expressed through living, working, relaxing that stuff be in the eating places in Saigon, the colorful play area, ...
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Weekend fun

The particularly preferred Saigon open space. It is also a fun word to explain out every weekend, especially in Saigon dining venues as commercial centers, parks, restaurants or roadside snack alley, ... More specifically , the manually prepared baking dish or snacks for a picnic as well have been the majority of customers preferred.

This approach turned up the advantages of savings, clean by not too dependent on processed food in Saigon eateries, however, how this is time consuming, very inconsistent with people busy and if not careful will backfire affect the fun because not everyone knows how to tasting, cooking so delicious and appetizing for all attendees.

"Inflation" line - shop

Besides preparing themselves picnics, meals for himself, then a large part of consumers also look to the Saigon dining venues to satisfy the "stomach" of yourself and your friends, family and colleagues. In terms of dimensions quickly, conveniently, this was a good practice, especially in today's real-time when the foundation of a lot of people are increasingly shrunk by much anxiety.

However, like the self-preparation of food, the Saigon dining venues also exist certain restrictions which typically issues food safety and rising prices. Moreover, "nine ten reviews" did so only unifying each location for a small group of friends or family was enough, but not to mention the headache problem wallets when eating out.

Food court focus

To meet the diverse needs of city residents, many dining venues Saigon himself lately "children" of itself by transforming itself into the food area focus, mention may cite as Weekend markets, campus buildings, apartments, ... quality products, of course, also "down bran gold upper" hard to control by floating inputs, suppressing processing, lack of Transparency inherently have.

Thus, the current capacity of the business center is probably the most effective rescue measures this time, when not only overcome the weaknesses of the dining venues formerly Saigon but also reconcile two weak price and quality factors that demonstrate this is SC VivoCity District 7 - a brand "children" in the domestic market was inherited experience from a leading commercial center beautiful island of Singapore.

Trade Center "children" in suburbs

SC VivoCity but only entered the domestic market from the middle of April this year but has quickly captured the hearts of people in the city, more interesting when this commercial center located in the "gold" but many eating places other Saigon often wished: 1058 Avenue Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong Ward, District 7.

With the advantage in size, SC VivoCity gathered a lot of "big" in making food like McDonald's, Hot & Cold, Sumo BBQ, MOF, Kichi Kichi, ... However, if you remain intent picnic then Co.opXtra - with more than 8000 m2 premises must also be provided several fresh food, spices, canned food quality, contributes to more complete your outing also those closest.

Attractive services

Besides the name Saigon dining venues the District 7 SC VivoCity mall longer, study, practice sports, and entertainment with over 100 booths stretching from floor to the fifth floor, including rooftop park Skypark, CGV cinema with an area "crisis", Game Center, Smile Please, Beer Club vibrant Vuvuzela ...

Not only that, SC VivoCity constantly updated brand-new organization often deals with many attractive gifts. These, together with the quality of service is a community dedicated brightest, helping SC VivoCity always in the top of the dining venues Saigon customer first thought.

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