Entertaining Matrix place in Sai Gon

Location revel in Saigon SC VivoCity. Since officially opening its doors last April, SC VivoCity immediately welcomed 60,000 visitors on the first day, demonstrating strong appeals of a commercial center was developed by a joint venture company Vietsin - Founded by Saigon Co-op and Mapletree. With what SC VivoCity shown in the past months, this promises to be a fun place new Saigon, strange but not least dan.Ma match entertainment venues in Saigon.

Matrix fun spots in Saigon

Saigon has long been famous as the place prosperity, attracting people to settle and live and do business. That's why the entertainment venues Saigon mushroomed, with affordable, premium also, however, has a common point which is towards infinite amount of potential customers to nearly 9 million people - approximately 10% of the national population. Type of entertainment here is equally abundant, from the cinema, the street vendors to parks, restaurants, and even services originating from Thailand, China, Korea Korea, ... fish massage, pet coffee ... But the majority are very sporadic and spontaneous, in recent years, with the emergence of dizziness commercial centers, people of Saigon had ideal destination integrated shopping, dining and entertainment, as represented by SC VivoCity District 7 Saigon entertainment venues are favored by many people.

"Avoid hot, shelter" in SC VivoCity

Is not it natural that SC VivoCity shopping mall is a fun Saigon is pleased that customers, regardless of what time of day is also a large number of tourists and crowded. Located in the upscale residential area of ​​District 7, convenient transport connections with the suburban districts. SC VivoCity gradually become familiar destination of many elite customers with many different purposes such as sightseeing, or shopping esplanade, relaxation, entertainment with friends and relatives in one place play Saigon has large space and luxury. Moreover, to keep the motorcycle SC VivoCity is free, a plus extremely bright Footbinding help potential customers have average living standards and helping the SC VivoCity on the list of top destinations they.

Address shopping synthesis

Not only is the area of ​​pure entertainment that SC VivoCity shopping mall where shopping is also extremely ideal. Surely the family had a headache when it can not think of a fun place Saigon suitable for the whole family, while playing that just can shop. The combination of the two operations together contributed minimize travel costs as well as time for the whole family, especially the modern moms are always busy with work both inside and outside the nest. Understand that, SC VivoCity has provided a lot of goods and various services to meet the diverse needs of all ages and classes. Typical  could mention as educational services of Wall Street English Center English on the 3rd floor or sports service of California Fitness & Yoga 4 SC VivoCity floor. This really is a fun place Saigon "versatile" where families, groups of friends still searching.

The international environment

SC VivoCity shopping mall that has been present in Singapore since before the attack on Vietnam market - fertile ground for the retail sector over the past year that is still open. With international friends from Europe, Africa and even Asia, while you always wonder what fun places Saigon too ordinary, too, "Vietnam" has made them shock writer good or not. Then SC VivoCity is the ideal destination by international environmental and consumer brands, multicultural cuisine that few places have. From Japan MOF breath brings to Thai Express serves the cuisine of your country of Thailand, all of which can be found in SC VivoCity, help you and your "teammates" did not feel out of place or right grimaces as "food not taste" as the Saigon location other entertainment.

The novelty and devotion: the trump card in the business. Although uptime in Vietnam market is not so long but always appreciated SC VivoCity is a fun and very unique Saigon "dimensional." Service attitude affable and mass promotions, discounts, events attractive incentives helped SC VivoCity won the hearts of many people, become entertainment venues can not be ignored.