Entertainment place spot Sai Gon SC VivoCity

Location play Saigon SC VivoCity. Nowadays, there are so many fun places famous Saigon, but still has not met the needs of the young people have fun, especially on weekends or holidays. It would be inconvenient and time consuming if you have to run around the city to go to every place of amusement, as well as dining, or just to see the movie for a date night with your friends ...

dia diem an uong sai gon

Everyone worries about fun places like Saigon (?) Will be addressed at SC VivoCity shopping mall. This will be the beautiful places in Saigon most interesting, but hardly any young people may overlook. Being full set of commercial centers and services, where this would be the place to visit  meet all the needs of the young people from shopping, entertainment or movie entertainment ...

So what are the highlights of SC VivoCity that fascinated the young? Amusement parks in Saigon SC VivoCity in densely populated areas and busiest in District 7. It focused international schools, hospitals, buildings, offices, foreigners living ...

Topography of Saigon entertainment venues SC VivoCity extremely advantageous when located on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard vast infrastructure here is very modern, clean and secure. Roads convenient to move to another district in Ho Chi Minh City.

Location play Saigon - "Customer is God"

Coming to SC VivoCity to be felt become loyal customers, you will be steeped in the promotion at Saigon entertainment venues popular with the cosmetics brand, renowned fashion ... At Here, all your questions will be staff customer care dedicated guidance, promised to bring you the most satisfaction when arriving SC VivoCity.

Do you ever think: "There Saigon entertainment venue yet for older people or those difficult to go again?". The answer is no. But to SC VivoCity, you will have a different outlook. By using modern design combines intelligent equipment.

Location revel in Saigon SC VivoCity brings you a special help, for older customers, customers with disabilities, such as wheelchair service ready to serve. Spacious elevator system, enough for people using a wheelchair or stroller for the baby.

Besides, the restrooms on every floor of the building, there will be areas dedicated to mothers and children, create favorable conditions for sightseeing, shopping of families with young children. SC VivoCity will be the venue entertainment Saigon ideal for all types of customers.

Location Saigon amusement parks rich cuisine

Food court is always a top concern of the gourmet. Coming to Saigon entertainment venues SC VivoCity, you will unleash passion with every elite culinary world. From European dishes to Asian dishes featured, served for the guests to visit, shop at SC VivoCity as Sumo BBQ, Kichi Kichi, McDonald's ...

Not only that, there are SC VivoCity chic cafe area, courtesy suitable for a romantic dinner date or meet partners like Starbucks, coffee Long Phuc Phuong Nam. SC VivoCity is such a fun place Saigon fun is not it?

Convenient supermarket locations in Saigon fun?

Absolutely YES. When areas 2 and 3 floors of entertainment venues Saigon SC VivoCity, the Co-op supermarket Xtra with various items. If you wish to purchase items needed in daily family, Xtra Co-op supermarkets can make you fully satisfied with the goods of different brands at home and abroad.

Địa điểm vui chơi sài gòn SC Vivocity. It always has good food, abundant source, ensure food safety, help you dispel concerns about counterfeiting, pirated goods and goods of unknown origin or origin, and dispel row low quality. Come to the Co-op supermarket Xtra site Saigon amusement SC VivoCity, you'll save some time, to not go around looking to buy the necessary items for the family, by Co. op Xtra has everything you need.

Area shopping extravaganza at Saigon entertainment venues SC VivoCity

The famous fashion brands like Ninomax top, Topshop - Topman, Miss Selfridge ... will be exhibited in the modern designer shops, exquisite decoration to cater to the discerning fashionistas. It will be known as one of the entertainment venues Saigon famous shopping paradise world.

Coming to SC VivoCity, a series of fashion brands, perfumes, beauty ... leading time will be launched in Vietnam, in accordance with the needs and preferences of Asian people. It will be fun Saigon location is ideal for her love of beauty, passion for fashion.

Playground for adults and children at amusement places Saigon

A distinctly different point of SC VivoCity is unmistakable, in thousands of locations Saigon entertainment today is the presence of the park on the terrace and children's play area outside. This area was built into 2 separate play areas: dry and water, will give you and your family are truly relaxing moments.

In addition, there are many other amusement parks in SC VivoCity that children can not be ignored is: Apple playtime, happy smile ... It is the result of investment associate and elaborately formal, serious and professional now the location fun Saigon SC VivoCity.

SC VivoCity will undoubtedly be one of the venues most impressive play of Saigon, without your babies could ignore. Come SC VivoCity dining venues to experience the utility and entertainment services completely new sisters!

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