From jungle to the sea with your kids in SC VivoCity entertaining venue

Top baby in the forest to the sea and children's play area SC VivoCity. You usually the baby underwent weekend like? Go to an amusement park and children usually sit yawn look baby squirming with boredom toys? You want to find a place where both you and your baby can delight in playing? Getting to the children's play area at SC VivoCity to the baby-turn across the sky colorful and yet very excited. Not only that even your baby will also love these super fun game following at SC VivoCity there.

Top magical forest with significant ridge conquer

Level 5 in SC VivoCity is always of the little paradise with Play ground - a combination of dry and wet playing field, with the challenging game that every child is enthralled. Marvelous cliff is a fascinating game with the slide frame, the grilles and the line to the delight she can climb. The game is quite challenging little opportunity for exercise courage in the face of difficulty. Rest assured that marvelous cliff in the children's play SC VivoCity absolute safety for children. "Ridge" with high protective fence along the grilles to make sure the child support, parents need not worry offline.

Cushion jetted into the sea with super cool. In particular, children's play area at SC VivoCity also arrange for your sprinkler Cushion and baby can go hard on sultry days. Just stand near Fountain buffer alone, you and your baby feel the fresh air and full of vitality. You imagine to be run on the tap, then find how. Also, have played little wet and then you try always Spray Gun countries are "hot" at the children's play area SC VivoCity offline. Drop cooling station with ultra cool water gun is a discharge of "blow-plaster" very effective there. Endless water gun battle between you and your baby will be full of laughter fun crisp, clear away the fatigue of weeks of hard work. Cushion water spray play area kids at SC VivoCity will be the place to keep the best memories of your family.

The cable car up into the sky with excitement.

Cable cars are one of the bright spots are worth of children's playground SCVivoCity. Imagine the heart of Saigon, you and your baby slings sat watching blue sky. Experience exciting cable car, you will have moments of comfort, "cheered" with baby. The whole family together to enjoy the exciting moments was a most wonderful gift that any parent can give to any child. Do not hesitate to communicate the love child of "disguised" an adventure of you.

On the ground with amazing escape tunnel. Forest, into the sea or into the sky are enough at all, so there can not be anything special, do not try again? Escape tunnel in a children's play area SC VivoCity is an attractive option for the baby there. You try to kid themselves groping to find their way out in a mysterious tunnel's see. Make sure your baby will enjoy the smooth sliding in long pipelines with and performs a spectacular landing there. Do not forget to cheer for the little baby very enthusiastic to mobility than nhé the parents.

Back to the ancient story of Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh-art 3D. In addition, children's play area SC VivoCity also has many other captivating game as interesting rotation, Cushion springs or toggles ... All are enclosed in air fairy tale from Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh was born thunderstorm. The walls reconstruct the story of Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh extremely impressive 3D format. This is an opportunity for you to give your baby excitement when learning the lessons of the baby almost dry can be seen in view of interesting and artistic way.

The picture of the mountains and sea creates lifelike infant visual stimulation when they are climbing "up the mountain" and walked "into the sea" in the game right away. Do not waste the weekend get together to have the whole family in the toy boring again the dear parents. Let's take her to the children's play area SC VivoCity to enjoy a day was stirring yet released rare gas.

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