Lots of fun with kids playground at SC VivoCity

Boisterous laughter with children's play area at SC VivoCity. Want to go shopping but to fear the boredom when a daughter follow? It's difficult to find a shopping destination that has a children's play area attached. With most of the current mall as Diamond, Vincom ... amusement parks here mostly to cost and the game is often not suitable for children. What to do? With two children's play area is completely unique, SC VivoCity will help you.

Overview SC VivoCity. Being located on the central area of ​​District 7, with an area of ​​no less than other commercial centers in District 1, even greater, is proud SC VivoCity shopping mall in South superlative Saigon. When you come here, you will be free to enjoy the product, the best service, the most modern and not worry baby bored. At SC VivoCity may take 2 children's play area separate, appropriate to each child's age.

Play area for babies

With newborns, babies are aware of quite faint of shopping, even no concept enjoys being parents led away. On the other hand, the child's mood very quickly bored. Therefore, shopping for baby is not a hobby, but she needs to take the toy to hold, the animals adorable fun to look at, ... For most commercial center in Saigon, they virtually no play areas for young children at this age. But it was different with SC VivoCity. Foreseeing the shopping needs of women without too much trouble myself about the babysitter, make kids happy while building up, SC VivoCity has designed a children's play area for babies Students at every level.

When coming to this area, they will be listening to the songs fun matching current age, to view these funny animal cute mickey mouse. Besides, they will have the opportunity to talk with peers and even play with you. Furthermore, you'll see and easily record smile "angel" while baby playing with smart phones. Lovely moments will be recorded to clip your baby in future, or made into 1 album anniversary baby look when growing up, that his childhood cute like.

Terrace play area

This is a very new thing that no commercial center in Saigon execution. To help children develop the best, increasing the dynamism and good health, SC VivoCity terrace transformed into a haven of fun for children. When engaged in a children's play area, your baby will be spoiled for paddling under a cool atmosphere on high with the variety of genres of games with water as squirt guns, water spray buffer, ...

If you do not want your baby to be wet when participating in water games, other games in this section is equally interesting side as seesaw, climbing games, buffer springs, swinging ... All games play at the children's play area are for novelty and excitement for your child. Also, children can get used to new friends, increase your ability to communicate with people around. This will help your child be more successful in the future than he just grasping the ipad, smartphone at home.

In addition, the design of some of the games are also quite suitable for adults. So why did you not think to soak up the young space to help you understand your child better? Thereby, you will strengthen your family love each other more. Is there anything more wonderful than the photos capture little fun at the playground of children sc Vivocity. A blue sky, vast, airy, light rays a projection on a face radiant, all will create a picture of professional style that is not anywhere you can accomplish. If lucky, you can record images in rainbow rainy days sunny. It is a masterpiece of nature, is not it!

Other facilities that bring SC VivoCity

After participating in a children's play area is complete, you and your baby will feel quite hot. But just pushed the door and walked down the stairs, so the cool air conditioning system of the SC VivoCity bring you and your baby will help restore mental health and quick. In addition, too much movement will make him hungry and fast food outlets will help them solve this problem. Here, children will have the opportunity to enjoy the quintessential culinary specialties from different countries but never bored. Thus, SC VivoCity is a great companion for the whole family you have not yet! When you come here, you will be spoiled for shopping, simultaneously, they will be immersed in 2 children's play area with many attractive games category from A to Z. And you hesitate not lead her to Now SC VivoCity shopping mall.

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