Paradise of kids playground in the middle of Sai Gon

Paradise for children in the heart of Saigon. Be fun delight is a need for all children. Any parents always understood this and wanted to find their children a fun place appropriate but not everyone can find a place to please every member of the family. Too far from the city center, an area of ​​small, poor game, not many dining options, ... are the frequent parenting headache in choosing a children's play area as standard. However, with children's play area SC VivoCity, surely even the most discerning parents will be satisfied with what "heaven" gives his young son.

Indoor play area astounding.

SC Vivocity has a floor area of ​​extreme "crisis" should not be hard to understand when 62.000m2 commercial center gives the children the children's play area in the large house to be satisfied to play with friends or their parents. Children's play area Apple Kids World with a large area is a place for parents and their young children play with the game release gas as riding a stuffed animal healthy, puzzles, assembly modeling, ...

Besides, bowling and games center Smiles Fun will help children become familiar with the modern games, intelligent. CGV movie theater with IMAX technology is also a perfect choice for your baby when you want to enjoy the blockbuster animated film world. Another interesting thing in SC VivoCity which is the presence of prestigious English centers "Wall Street". Ideally, children can have fun after hours of studying English at SC VivoCity.

Highlight unique rooftop park

One of the biggest differences of SC Vivo City is the other kids play area are rooftop park. With Vivo Playground is a combination of dry and wet playground two modern, SC VivoCity deserves a "paradise" for children's amusement. It is hard for children to end the Vivo Playground excited when kids play area offers a variety of attractive game suitable for all ages. Such as the cable car, offering water jet, magical cliff, seesaw, tunnel exit, buffer springs, cushions spraying, spin ... amazing.

Here are the new games, attractive, will challenge the children and are also suitable for games parents can join their children. Besides, this playground was replayed fairytale Son Tinh Thuy Tinh familiar with modern drawings, fun. One of the features of the children's play area is reserved SC Vivo City rooftop park is free to facilitate the best entertainment for all the family baby. In particular, miniature water park is definitely a great place to cool on hot sunny days sultry Saigon.

Traveling around the world cuisine

At SC VivoCity, there are many bars and restaurants for the whole family come from all the nations of the world. Thus, not only delight in fun children's play area, the children and their parents can enjoy delicious dishes have come from many different countries. Some brands featured in SC VivoCity may be mentioned as Thai Express serves Thai cuisine; Udon Marukame, Kichi Kichi, Sumo BBQ, MOF, Furano Sushi, Pepper Lunch Japanese style; Bread Talk of Singapore; Hong Kong of China Town with flavor; Hotpot Story.

With the quintessential pot dishes from Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, ... After hours of play drop station, the whole family will have a chance with your baby enjoy delicious dishes typical of the different cuisines at the children's playground SC VivoCity. This is an opportunity to stimulate children to learn about the country in the world with the same meal for the whole family.

Services of quality children's entertainment

Not the ownership of large amusement parks, modern, SC VivoCity also provide very good customer service, such as installation of free Wi-Fi in all public areas of the SC VivoCity, taxi service often directly at the gates of SC VivoCity or shuttle service from the public places in the city like Notre Dame Cathedral, An Dong Market, University of Natural Sciences to SC VivoCity and vice versa to facilitate travel demand Back of all customers. If you're wondering whether to take his son to help her go and his family have hours of rest, play nice, after reading this article, go to the right children's play area SC VivoCity to get the wonderful experience right on!

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