Place to visit in Sai Gon that cannot resist

A-must go place in Sai Gon. You're buried in work does not stop? You are living in the country where the most exciting? And, you're ignoring the hours "dissipated" great city that never sleeps! Let's pause and relax work yet! You can listen to SC VivoCity - one entertainment venues in bustling Saigon, the most modern? Why do not you try once "dissipated" drop terminal, maybe you will find a better source of inspiration for his work.

Place to visit in Sai Gon that cannot resist

SC VivoCity entertainment venues in Saigon fresh and modern

SC VivoCity District 7 was launched from April 2015 is a combination of investors and real estate construction leading Asian retailers Mapletree and Vietnam Sai Gon Co.op. The appearance of the SC VivoCity brings entertainment venues in Saigon just add a name to the old medium. Do not be mistaken for SC VivoCity just a traditional shopping center. This is a complex area includes all the activities related to shopping, dining and entertainment. SC VivoCity deserve to stand in the list of entertainment venues in Saigon attractions.

Stir jubilant weekend of my life Vuvuzela

5 day work week was more than enough to exhausting your weekends to spend capital to have fun and not room for the mission, the project thick exhaust life. The work never ended but time is fleeting youth. If you do not know how to enjoy, you'll regret later. And, what a great day this will help you to recover energy and motivation to find new, more effective weeks. Do you want to come to one of the fun places in Saigon to "turn" it? SC VivoCity District 7 with 5 floors located in South Saigon urban area is ready to welcome the arrival of you.

Địa điểm vui chơi ở sài gòn SC VivoCity. Entertainment center and bowling at SC VivoCity Smile Please bring the game extremely interesting game and appeal to young people. You can join his group several challenges in the game and "abused" by a round loser fast food at McDonald's or a Starbucks coffee party. The friendship happy smile takeoff is the goal of SC VivoCity - entertainment venues at leading modern Saigon. If you do not like to become gamers, you can try to play bowling with magic balls and self-challenge themselves.

If you do not like the game, "gentle" like, Vuvuzela on the 5th floor is a great choice for anyone who wants to crush the feeling of frustration and tension that exists in the body. Vuvuzela - Beerclub with airy space is extremely special highlight of entertainment venues in Saigon as SC VivoCity special. This is no time for people who love noisy and lively atmosphere to release the energy and enthusiasm revive source. Location great entertainment so will help you enjoy the pleasures of play after the hard working day in the office and the computer.

Technology Entertainment CGV peak only in entertainment and technology heights

If you want some entertainment with movies CGV movie theater will help you give you are spoiled for choice from action, comedy, romance or horror haunt. What makes the attraction of CGV in SC VivoCity? IMAX technology with realistic images, vivid sound surpass traditional technologies for you to experience great heights with films of quality, technology CGV IMAX at SC VivoCity's unique technology and most modern Vietnam. For this reason there is so convincing to you with a place to revel in Saigon as SC VivoCity or not?

It is time to finish the job, folding machine and leave the desk, you do not just live to work but also to live to have fun and enjoy life. The entertainment venues in Saigon still awaiting your footsteps. Be open to the world and the jubilant "playboy" weekend away yet!

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