Playground for kids at entertaining venue in Sai Gon

Children's play area in the entertainment spots in Saigon. On the weekends, especially holidays, the entertainment spots in Saigon have children's play area was extremely crowded and bustling. From budget to luxury, from the center spread to neighboring districts to the suburbs, the city people are eager to obtain, the moments most comfortable relaxing with friends and family after time work stress.

Playground for kids at entertaining venue in Sai Gon

The recreation spots in Saigon have children's play area is so diverse and plentiful. From outdoor activities such as eco-tourism destinations, cultural park to all sorts of forms of entertainment in the home, in the shopping center. Speaking to this can not fail to mention entertainment venues in Saigon SC VivoCity is a shopping center, but there appeared to be a solid foothold in the list of recreation facilities in Saigon, now in the districts in HCMC.

Children's play area in HCMC

Space is integrated utilities like shopping, food court, supermarket, children's play area, cineplex CGV in SC VivoCity is located in District 7. It will take you to guarantee satisfaction , with all the needs of all members of your family, and became one of the first choice in the entertainment spots in Saigon. Besides, there are other products specialized stores for children's play area as PSF, Simba ... Everything brands in all industries are almost here, contributing to more interesting things than the Saigon recreation spots in other've achieved. Accordingly, with the goal of becoming a leading position in the entertainment spots in Saigon, places to eat SC VivoCity there is a convergence of the elite of world cuisine, such as Starbucks, Phuc Long, MOF, McDonald's, Udon Marukame, Sumo BBQ, Gogi House, Kichi Kichi, Pepper Lunch, Friends by Pontian ... You do not need to worry about eating once to SC VivoCity.

Location amusement attraction children in HCMC

Besides, Saigon entertainment venues SC VivoCity become a most attractive destination in the entertainment spots in Saigon is thanks to, CGV cinema with the screening room is famous as 4DX, Premium, Sweetbox ... Especially, the largest cinema chain CGV Cinemas system nearby children's play area CGV Cinemas in SC VivoCity is proud to be the exclusive partner of Imax - leading film industry in the world - Times first appeared in Vietnam. With powerful sound system combines maximum screen for sharper images. CGV SC VivoCity warrant will give the viewer the truest experience, and movies to life technology Imax format according to international standards. If you tow a small child, the infant may play in children's play area before crossing the cinema to enjoy offline.

Interior of a children's play area SC VivoCity

And highlights can not fail to mention at SC VivoCity shopping mall, it is the children's play area on the terrace the first and only one in Vietnam. Called Sky Park - miniature outdoor park as accents to make up the difference between SC VivoCity mall with the other particular and fun spots in Saigon in general. Sky Park is divided into children's play area and park Vivo Playground outdoors with many new and exciting things like: Vivo Playground is spread 1 foot of carpet layer to separate the area go back outside, compulsory right to footwear outside before entering inside.

Place the outer area of ​​the game is the waterslide, commonly found in children's play areas in the water park, but simpler to type simulates a lazy river tube side, and a side of the curved chute winding. Designed quite high, more than 3 meters but with the surrounded by a mesh fence to make sure, you absolutely can rest assured when their children play here. Center for Children's play area Playground Vivo is the game with water without a small child can be ignored. They will have a battle with water guns half a meter high is fixed underground. Occasionally there will be water games from the snail from high above poured like a waterfall, which adds excitement to the fun part of children.

Children's play area with artificial water park

Right next to it is the playground with miniature fountains, water sprays up from the ground as a musical lilt. Not far away is a large size shrugged carpet, children can have fun jumping in the children's play area with water jets shooting out everywhere, ensuring that your hyperactive child will greatly enjoy and want to play forever alone. Besides children's play area is wet dry play area, designed by prominent long wall depicts the story of Son Tinh Thuy Tinh style very cute Chibi and vivid.

Attached images also straightforward narrative, suitable for children, helping them more in love with his country's history. Not only focusing on children's play area, where entertainment spots in Saigon SC VivoCity also subtle in creating space for visitors with the variety of tree plantations landscaped green is surrounded by rows Stone walls are eye-catching design that adults can sit back while the little angel enjoying fun.

Children's play area, District 7

Also children's play area on the rooftop Sky Park, SC VivoCity trade inside game also has an indoor children's play Apple Kids World, bowling entertainment center & Smile Please - guaranteed to bring many languages laughing well as great relaxation for your family. With interesting things mentioned above, playing in Saigon SC VivoCity is not only the children's play area is extremely attractive but also extremely attractive destination for all objects in your family, deserved to be seek first place in the list of entertainment spots in khu vui chơi trẻ em Saigon.