Relax with family at Sai Gon entertaining spot

Relax with family in amusement parks in Saigon. Entertainment needs of people in the city are on the rise, especially in the outing with family, friends, colleagues, ... Pull Accordingly, the amusement park in Saigon also growing rapidly sprouting like mushrooms after rain. Therefore, consumers must be real "headache" to find yourself a shopping venues, entertainment and matching requirements. This is difficult because customers will be prone to oscillations before "matrix" of amusement parks in Saigon.

Relax with family at Sai Gon entertaining spot

Selecting play area in Saigon holidays

Vacation and holidays with the long day is extremely valuable opportunity for the whole family can gather together, and enjoy comfortable mins minutes, warm the treadmill so long as the work has been forgotten. Recently, the majority of families have chosen to go out dining, shopping at the playground in Saigon for the main purpose changed atmosphere for family life more interesting. However, the selection of a suitable location for the whole family, meet new criteria, unusual and affordable has always encouraged consumers have headaches every festive occasions such as National Day 09/02, ceremony 30/04 - 01/05 and Mid-Autumn Festival special occasion for children's easy, just choose one of numerous amusement parks in Saigon is really no simple matter.

The area's crowded center

District 1, District 3, District 5, District 10, ... has long been labeled as, or "downtown", so that many people flocked here for sightseeing, shopping, holidays each cause off road, push, jostle, worse than the pickpockets, thieves, ... causing annoyance to people, especially families with more children. Recognizing the inconvenience and lack of safe play areas in Saigon, many families have turned to the suburbs as District 2, District 7 - places with large space, easily satisfied demand entertainment that is not afraid to jostle or loss of property. For example, SC VivoCity with 62,000 m2 area consists of 5 floors and one basement, although only just joined the Vietnam retail market in the first months of the year but has quickly won the hearts of so many people into city, becoming one of the amusement parks in Saigon extremely attract tourists.

Diversified services. As a business center with many multi-utility service varies from more than 100 large and small pavilions stretching from floor 1 to floor 5, SC VivoCity is always a place for the whole family can have fun together and enjoy more fun activities like bowling pitch in Game Center Smile Fun 4th floor or playing games at the water park Skypark Rooftop 5th floor - the distinctive character of SC VivoCity without amusement in Saigon to be. Furthermore, food stalls from different countries such as Sumo BBQ, Kichi Kichi, Thai Express, ... as well as an important factor contributing to the SC VivoCity points in the eyes of customers by professional services, dedicated sex and food quality not inferior to any famous restaurant located in the entertainment district in Saigon.

Toward all customers

In addition to care little for the audience is the children, SC VivoCity and District 7 also invest its best slopes for services to meet the needs of older people or people with disabilities, but more striking is the provision level and wheelchair lift system is extremely spacious, supports a lot of the transfers of the customers, help many families get a perfect trip - what little play area in Sai Gon yet thought of. Promotions "overflow" hand. Regularly organizes attractive promotions, SC VivoCity also offers dedicated member of SC VivoCity through the integration points and loyalty card.

Besides, with the motto of constantly improving service quality to bring absolute satisfaction to customers. Trade Center supposedly inherited SC VivoCity Singapore's success - one of the "Ten top shopping destination" voted by consumers in 2011 also has staff dedicated guidance to address any questions, complaints and comments of customers, promises to be one of the amusement parks in Saigon attract tourists, especially during the upcoming holidays.

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