Relax with your children at kid's playground in district 7

Relaxing with Children at Children's play area in District 7. As a modern parent, I guarantee these are mothers today have a headache with the question of how to find a children's play area has strong cold, attractive Moderate infant safety, economic fit family. Along with the continuous development of society, for many years, besides the very diverse services for adolescents, the elderly, the middle aged, the market demand entertainment service for children and accordingly the rapid transformation. Obviously, in terms of quantity and quality, the children's play area has partially satisfied the needs of the children and their parents, however, still exist many shortcomings.

Children's play area in the school is limited. Not to mention the quality of children's play areas in schools but only refers to ethical issues educator, prominently recently, an increasing number of cases of violence against children were uncovered on the report is wake-up call the whole society, requiring more aggressive measures by the parent is not always enough time to track each li by little children.

"Culprit" in the article above are often the "nanny", "preschool teacher" no expert, working in child-rearing establishments temporary, does not guarantee the standards of prevention class , campus, children's play area, ... The quality of teaching was unsatisfactory, not to mention fun stories help children develop the most comprehensive way.

Fun Zone expensive service or unsafe

It is inadequate in problems at school made fun of parents take their children go to the children's play area nature park services such as water, Game Center, or simply the fair, the game play erected on vacant land. However, money problems again challenged the parents when the family does not have enough economic conditions to put the baby to come here on a regular basis. Not only that, in some places prices are not coupled with quality as amusement parks such children often use old toys, rusted, even may damage or fracture pour any time, that many parents "looked just worry".

Lack of caregivers. Not only unsatisfactory about facilities, amusement parks, children today still face major difficulties in terms of manpower, namely the schools lack teachers, who must care for 50 babies, but with a hyperactive child, the teacher, the girls will not be able to manage all leads to unfortunate circumstances can occur. Not only that, the spontaneous entertainment venues often have no protection even one person, that the baby "had the opportunity" to be free to play with many low quality items, sometimes with sharp edges, sharp or poison. Therefore, without the tutelage of parents will be very difficult to ensure the safety of the baby.

Difficult hundred surface. Referring to the children's play area, besides the difficulty in terms of money, especially for families in rural areas, for urban workers who live or manual labor, the time is also problem of not at home. Today, the amount of time people are increasingly limited and small sawed with many different relationships such as family, friends, co-workers, especially women, with motherhood, the wife women in both respite nor let alone to talk about putting the baby to Children's play area to "unwind".

Not only that, the acceptance of self-amusement for the children to have time working mother is also very dangerous, especially with the baby home near roads, accidents, kidnapped or lost completely whole may occur. Moreover, electrocution, drowning is the leading cause of damage that the mother should be noted.

SC VivoCity District 7: Heaven Baby

Understanding the difficulties of families with young children, SC VivoCity District 7 has quickly attack the domestic market for various types of services is highly varied and plentiful including brand names like toys come from Hamleys UK, Game Center Smile Please, park Skypark rooftop absolutely free, ... Not only a place for the children, SC VivoCity offer many services for the whole family such as shopping, dining many fashion brands, furniture, food ... fame, promises besides children's play area, a business center is also a multi-utility that helps meet the needs of leisure, shopping for the whole family.

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