Saigon dining venues culinary world belongs to you

The eating places are still bustling Saigon footsteps was the same every day, even if the difficult economic but food culture is still a core part of Saigon soul. Those who have a strong attachment to this city must know local food cultures are present quartet fully enough here. The very distinct, unique makes everyone willing eating despite crisis pockets. Saigon - to the maze, eat the "café" is not wrong of you.

Saigon dining venues culinary world belongs to you

Saigon Cuisine seduce your footsteps

Speaking to Saigon cuisine, we can not forget to blend flavors from all regions of the country and even distant lands beyond national borders. Coming to Saigon, we can travel across all regions, from the wheat lands of Central Square, dirt cake, banh nam; a northern region with Hanoi noodle, bean vermicelli shrimp paste, crab cakes; a southwestern region with noodle soups, noodles Phnom Penh, and a pancake west of Saigon with delicious dishes of sea snail that all residents are staggered with great food.

Not only the Vietnamese people captivated with Saigon dining venues that international tourists captivated nor from the cuisine here. Not only absorb regional cuisine, the dining venues Saigon also absorb the essence ornate World cuisine from the West to the East makes any traveler who is keen to explore. Saigon dining venues never fully explored.

World cuisine really too hard to find ?

Saigon eating places there too much so that you can select and share with friends on weekends. You can shuffle the coffeehouse had sat grilled snails, fish broth pot with damp rainy days. You can also place a Saigon luxury eating certain food called royal couple and enjoy the fun royal dining. And, you can also pull over at a fast food restaurant called little omelets, potatoes, cool glass of fresh water and sit in the morning to watch the night city.

But there is a Saigon dining venues that can help you unleash with Western, Asian and pleased with both dishes Vietnam enjoy? It was not easy to find a place like that! This is almost impossible because every cuisine has its own flair to your dishes. But, things are simplified when SC VivoCity presence, you not only meet their stomach but also had the opportunity to travel through different areas of the world with just a few steps away. Come to SC VivoCity and you will see amazing culinary world entirely yours.

SC VivoCity Saigon eateries superb

People used to trade center just to shop but primarily SC VivoCity also gives you much more pleasant experience. It does not just want you to meet a series of visual and fashion products, consumer goods, high-end cosmetics, but also want you to be completely subjugated to share with the store taste cuisines from all over the world. A dining venues as SC VivoCity Saigon converging world cuisine at your palm. You do not need to rummage around this place to eat Vietnamese run many laps to eat Thai food and a little bit further back glide to a fast food shop space for chatting with friends.

SC VivoCity help you no longer scared of getting stuck road, fuel consumption, exhausted from the travel time. Because where gastronomy meets all the West, the East land so close together. You just need to spend little time moving between food stores to keep food digest before preparation to the next item. Korean food stores, Central, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam are ready for your choice.

After eating it drunk, you can enjoy great drinks at Starbucks, Hot & Cold, MOF, Phuc Long or little poetic poetry in coffee with Southern policy. And if you like to drink something spicy, a little yeast concentration levels for cold winter days, you can do some wine cocktail or beer at the bar of the club Vuvuzela to change the flavor.

SC VivoCity "city" of the great joys small. You have filled my traces the Saigon eateries do not? That might seem too difficult for every day Saigon would have another dining venues other attractive appearance. Why do not you try to fill your footprint at the counters of SC VivoCity food right? Certainly, it is no less interesting for you to travel on land Saigon cuisine by SC VivoCity is a "mini city" of that.

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