SC VivoCity an attractive venue in Sai Gon South

SC VivoCity point to draw the eye to the south of Saigon. With the name "Pearl of the Far East", Saigon possesses extremely beautiful landscapes that many foreign tourists or people from across the country if it is a must visit, must marvel. Not only can, beautiful places in Saigon is a place to gather, have fun of friends, colleagues, family, ... create the charm of thrill, fun capital.

SC VivoCity an attractive venue in Sai Gon South

Beautiful place not just in the city center. Ho Chi Minh City includes 24 districts, stretching from Districts 1, 3, ... to the suburbs as Nha Be, Can Gio ... However, even in anywhere, downtown or suburban districts of the beautiful places in Saigon always worthy for you to admire. Simply because each has a particular definition, it would be lame if we put them on the same scales.

Moreover, in recent years when the population started growing excitement in the county as District 2, District 7, the beautiful places in Saigon also under development which, typically SC VivoCity District 7, business center is considered successful heirs of SC VivoCity Singapore - one of the "Ten points to the leading shopping" in 2011 voted by consumers.

Trade Center "new"

Despite extensive experience operating in Singapore, however, the project SC VivoCity Shopping Centre District 7 just recently launched in Vietnam market in April this year, was officially put in one place beautiful spot in Saigon that consumers expect for so long.

Located on Nguyen Van Linh Parkway, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, SC VivoCity, has the advantage of a business center, children have been attracted customers from many different walks to visit and shop. Obviously, the highlights of SC VivoCity considering Saigon beautiful places in the other is surrounded by villas, luxury apartments like Sky Garden, HAGL 3, Riverpark Residences, Panorama, Scene Vienna ...

Besides, the universities and colleges such as RMIT, Ton Duc Thang, Finance - Marketing, College of Technology and Business Administration, University of Law had built facility here, attracting a large amount of students as well as people with average living standards rather to study, live and work. Therefore, the population in this region, needs to be fun, relax in the beautiful places in Saigon is perfectly logical and increasingly higher.

"Avoid hot" ideal in commercial centers. The Saigon outing always encountered difficulty is the sun, "blazing fire meat" as consumers quickly tired and looking for a place to recharge before continuing to explore the beautiful locations in Saigon. Therefore, the quality of devoted service and reasonable price, SC VivoCity since the attack on Vietnam market has won the hearts of many customers, become stopover extremely prestigious.

Recharge with SC VivoCity District 7

With over 100 different booths in many fields, from fashion, interior, until cuisine, culture, sports, ... no less beautiful places in Saigon other, where SC VivoCity many famous brands like Thai Food Express, Sumo BBQ, Kichi Kichi, MOF, Phuc Long, McDonald's, ... located. Moreover, Meet Fresh food with unhinge townspeople recent months has also been at SC VivoCity District 7, promises to bring novelty to customers who love to explore and experience.

Entertainment, shopping and drop station. Not just stopping point "to avoid hot" but ourselves SC VivoCity is also one of the beautiful places in Saigon but at least once you should look to. Besides the dining pavilion suction eye, SC VivoCity also is home of many fashion brands such as Adidas extremely popular, An Phuoc & Pierre Cardin, PNJ, ... and recently Topman Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Penshoppe - the brand has long been occupied by the confidence of many customers.

Not only that, SC VivoCity is also a leader in the "import" of the entertainment model, impressive technology that places another in Saigon beautiful still do not own, typical park Skypark Rooftop Dry with a playground and a water playground is free and largest cineplex CGV in Vietnam, the application of advanced technology promises IMAX satisfy city dwellers in particular, and people love monitors wide image of the country in general.

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