Should selected SC VivoCity is dining venues Saigon ideal

Saigon dining venues in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City as today, earning a perfect place to enjoy the cuisine is not an easy thing. For the students, the students, the "street" snacks are ideal gathering place. But for older people, the domestic and foreign tourists, the place where is their dining Saigon? Do not worry about that, SC VivoCity's Saigon eateries that you never disappointed when you come here.

About Saigon. Saigon is the most vibrant city in Vietnam. It is not only famous for the beauty, attractive tourist destination but it is also known for the variety of cuisine from different regions of Vietnam, from many different countries around the world.

The development of Saigon cuisine. In the past, it is hard to find places to eat in Saigon to enjoy "good food, strange things." But with globalization, the community joined in the economy has led Saigon "changed greatly meat" quickly, from the infrastructure, facilities until cuisine here.

Should SC VivoCity is selected dining venues ideal Saigon

Saigon dishes today not merely connotes an ancient tradition by street vendors, it also blends the novelty factor, attraction of Western cuisine. The food shops, alleys, snacks city mushroomed. The fast food outlets such as McDonald's, Pizza Hut, ... or dishes from Japan, South Korea also set up to serve the tastes of Saigon in general and serves tourists in particular.

Because there are so many restaurants, but every where others specialize in one, two dishes can be difficult to earn a Saigon dining venues that can simultaneously enjoy the dishes at this region. For some travelers, Ben Thanh Market is a location convenient dining Saigon but quite noisy. Instead, SC VivoCity newly opened yet but this place has quickly become Saigon eateries of many people, because both may feature shopping, sightseeing can just comfort eating style Vietnam to a very very Western style.

Culinary paradise is welcoming you at SC VivoCity. SC VivoCity commercial center since the early days of operation has attracted many tourists to sightseeing, shopping and enjoying the "elite" cuisine by a variety of stores come from many different countries . Therefore, it can be regarded as Saigon eateries novel and attractive.

SC VivoCity Saigon eating places for you and your family

If you're a fan of fast food McDonald's door is always open to welcome you. Why do you hesitate without enjoying even tea, coffee very Vietnamese style of Phuc Long, coffee flavor of Starbucks Europe or taste extremely fresh Korea of ​​Caffee Bene soon after Enjoy a delicious hamburger at Level 1?

Next, let's explore the second floor of Saigon eating places are light. As he set foot on the 2nd floor, you will not be able to resist the seductive aroma of elite Japanese cuisine: hot pot Kichi Kichi conveyor, or the fragrant steak, hot, "just blowing taste" in Sumo BBQ. Not inferior to the 1st floor, 2nd Floor also has a café with a space of unexpected tranquility in the heart of Saigon in general and SC VivoCity in particular, that of Southern coffee. This is a great choice in the rest stop, sip coffee with friends.

When dining venues to Saigon in SC VivoCity, do not stop too long to discover that the 3rd floor offline! Did you hear someone talk about a kind of bread speaking, even many people still mistakenly thought that it was singing island of Lion yet? This is a great opportunity for you to look at and enjoy it at the store Breadtalk. So why not explore on their own and this is proven right?

Địa điểm ăn uống sài gòn SC VivoCity

Today, the path of integration has generated significant growth of Vietnam cuisine. Besides, it also helps cuisine of countries such as Thailand, China easily introduced into our country than to meet the needs of people enjoy. Therefore, the SC VivoCity Level 4 - Saigon dining venues - will do for customers extremely satisfied when the step up to this floor. A characteristic taste rising from Thai pot, or a fragrant smell from broken rice shop our country in Cali, and many other seductive flavors of dishes from China, Hong Kong will make you almost never stop eager to stop at this stage.

Which has up to 5 floors SC VivoCity cheat eh! So, why the 5th floor? Shh, this is a "can not reveal the secret." The secret of the next dish would be for you to discover a lot of interesting surprises are welcoming you behind the "door" of this 5th floor. But assure you that you will deeply regret it if you ignore without going up to the top culinary paradise in SC VivoCity.

So, with so many stores along with the diversity, abundance and the irresistible aroma of the dish, SC VivoCity was quickly known as a dining venue ideal Saigon , is a stopover place not to be missed if you are a culinary enthusiast.