Sightseeing with your kids at playground

Picnic together at playground darling children. Weekends are doing? Picnic stop. After a long week of work and study full of fatigue, a picnic, play together, eat would be the effective dose of stress for you and the whole family there. But where to find places to go play outside in the hot sun of Saigon, this dust here? Have you ever wondered feeling go "indoor picnic" How about it? With the integration between children's play area, colorful dining area rich cuisine and lots of other entertainment services SC VivoCity will be the place to go "Picnic" is perfect for your family in the last this week.

Colorful looks like the movement games

A picnic undoubtedly indispensable motor of the game. At the children's play area at the rooftop of SC VivoCity shopping mall, you and the children in the family will be playing a delight. Playground Playground Vivo investment here is built with a lot of movement games colorful: From rocking, cushioned springs for small, tunnel exit, rotation full of fun and excitement with those game full of excitement, challenge the courage of the children as slings, cliff magic ..., surely all of you will be playing drop-terminal and maximum motor until sick leave. The boisterous laughter, gaiety seems will never turn off as soon as you set foot children's play area SC VivoCity.

Dispel the summer heat with water park miniature version. The wonderful thing and most attractive children's play area at SC VivoCity shopping mall which is a miniature water park at the rooftop. Amid fierce summer heat of Saigon, was playing, splash delight is nothing more wonderful. Surely when wet playground just saw here, the little house you will rush to the cushion sprinkler and grabbed the squirt guns for fun. Just heard that saw only cool, refreshing in person then. Come to the children's play area at SC VivoCity immediately to dispel the whole house blazing heat of summer yet!

Go "indoor picnic" - eat fancy restaurant.

The whole family has fun delight you and you hungry now? Make temporary goodbye children's play area and looking to dining area, the food in SC VivoCity shopping mall to enjoy a hearty meal really does. SC VivoCity gives you dozens of options with menus full of country and different cuisines. Here is a range of fast food restaurants such as McDonald's or Pepperlunch - famous brands from the United States. If you're looking for Japanese cuisine? Following Japan Marukame Udon noodle restaurant and sushi conveyor Kichi Kichi hot pot for you to enjoy.

Grill King BBQ Buffet pungent, Gogi House have not attractive? Also, if you just prefer a Vietnamese meal rustic cuisine, familiar, come to Cali Com Tam Restaurant offline! Picnic which was delight dining in fancy restaurants, no need to waste time and effort to prepare food for the whole family and still have a delicious meal, it is true that the "great owl"! Prepare for full outing? To have an outing "Picnic in the" full truth at Children's play area, please note that prepare some little things below:

- Caps, hats, sunscreen for the kids and for yourself ahead. Children's play area is located on the top floor should be prepared carefully to protect his family from cold sunshine.

- A baseball or plastic balls, rubber balls. The game with the ball will be very suitable in wet playing field, but also very funny, too.

- Towels and baby clothes and your behalf, if you want to play in the playground and do not want to wear wet clothes wet go on, because both will definitely play very fun and energetic there.

- And finally, be prepared to fun, comfortable to unleash playing and have hours of fun, most comfortable in children's play area SC VivoCity. Let's forget about the fatigue study, job throughout a long painful week yet!

You have to feel eager to schedule outings "indoor picnic" What has not? This weekend, go to the right children's play area at SC VivoCity shopping mall to the "army of tiny" house you comfortable playing and return to childhood, playful, carefree. Surely not just the baby that you too will not want to leave this place there!

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