Some good entertaining spot in saigon this summer

Some interesting playground this summer Saigon print. Traffic jams, smog, heat makes you unhappy having the road? After the time working and studying you do not know where to go to relax release stress? You want to find new places in Saigon fun exciting novel style, instead of the recreation area for several years familiar? Then SC VivoCity will be an ideal destination for you and your family.

SC VivoCity - integrated business center locations in Saigon fun activities just opened last month 4/2015, make sure that the place you are looking for fun complete with all food service. Entertainment were present at SC VivoCity.

Surely you'll be happy with the location to play in this Saigon. As with airy spacious area, amusement parks, shopping, beauty, ... are arranged logically on 5 floors. Especially dry area and wet park free for children located on the rooftop of SC VivoCity.

Location revel in Saigon exciting evening

You can simultaneously tour around the area of ​​entertainment interesting and choosing locations revel in Saigon interesting to be able to enjoy a lot of famous brands in the world is like: McDonald's - the system is now fast food shop No.1 with typical dishes like the Big Mac, Cheeseburger, fries, McFurry, tổng hợp địa điểm vui chơi ở sài gòn sc vivocity thú vị mùa hè này ...

Or you could enjoy other famous dishes such as BBQ Sumo spoiled for choice beef, seafood ... are imported from Australia, the US with professional service style, at locations in Saigon play this will help you feel a meal delicious grilled Happy and ecstatic.

Entertainment venues in Saigon

The beverage brand also appeared on the list has at SC Vivocity cuisine such as Starbucks - great coffee brands are popular worldwide and sold about 20 different coffees in the store everyday. Phuc Long tea, tea brand from Vietnam being the Saigon favorite youth. Vuvuzela - beer club system, playing venues in Saigon was the capital of the young familiar also present at the rooftop of SC VivoCity, definitely makes the fun of you and your friends more interesting than.

After hovering a round dining venues sai gon area, you will continue to the recreation area of ​​the trade center. CGV movie theater system in SC VivoCity international standards with modern IMAX technology. Will give you the true picture, clear and vivid audio system lets you enjoy the whole movie a fullest.

Location revel in Saigon must also mention the entertainment center and bowling Smile Fun with large area, is divided into several zones of different interesting games including games with such modern devices entertainment centers, amusement parks other.

Location revel in exciting nightlife of Saigon

With entertainment area dry and wet colorful, with many dynamic game that will surely make the girl, the boy amused. Son Tinh Thuy Tinh story is recreated in entertainment venues in Saigon familiar SC VivoCity is also replayed vividly and novelties through colorful drawings on the walls.

In addition to entertainment centers in Saigon SC VivoCity also features a bowling game, with ten lanes quality, sufficient to meet your needs for fun, and fun with this sport. Bowling alley behind 1 mini bar serves drinks, so you can sit back and chat with friends after the moments of fun.

SC VivoCity is also a fun place in Saigon is located near the Phu My Hung new urban centers, amusement parks are attracting so many young people come to visit, photograph or focus friends on holidays or weekend. But the most attractive, which may include the Crescent with interesting face immense, with the Starlight Bridge gorgeous glittering evening through the area linking the park and lots of people to every night.

The entertainment venues in Saigon interesting every week

Above, just a brief stroll on SC VivoCity, and amusement parks nearby interesting. You can arrive at a place of many entertainment venues in Saigon without spending time moving too much. So there is no reason to not take SC VivoCity to the list of beautiful places in Saigon worth coming to relax and entertain family and friends in Saigon.

SC VivoCity commercial center promises to be a shopper's paradise, dining and entertainment venues as Saigon modern stature, help you experience the international space right in Vietnam.

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