Special entertainment place to hangout in Sai Gon

Location play Saigon SC VivoCity. Following the success of the play area in Saigon SC VivoCity in Singapore lion country - one of the most fun places for foreign tourists as well as people here. On the last 19/4, SC VivoCity shopping mall opened in HCM City and is quickly appeared in the list of sites most fun Saigon. It is not just for young people but also serves a large number of households, parents and children in the city.

Place unique amusement SCVivoCity Saigon. SC VivoCity commercial center located in the busy area, populated in District 7. This is where the traffic is convenient and focused more foreigners as well as the middle class and upper living. SC VivoCity Trade Center certainly promises to be one of the selected locations play a leading Saigon City.

Location play Saigon - Paradise Cuisine

If one of the key criteria of the entertainment Saigon location is good food then surely you will not be able to resist the allure of food paradise at địa điểm vui chơi sài gòn SC VivoCity shopping mall. Because this place is paradise quintessential convergence every cuisine around the world. From the typical dishes of the United States, Europe, Japan, Thailand to the familiar dishes of Vietnam. Besides the restaurant chain famous as Kichi Kichi, Thai Express, Sumo BBQ, Mc Donald's, Ms. Thanh, Wrap and Roll, Com Tam Cali ... the coffee shop is equally luxurious, courteous service all real guests with delicious drinks such as Starbucks, Phuc Long, MOF, ... .Qua place is paradise Saigon fun is not it!

Location play Saigon - Shopping rapture, surprise deals

At SC VivoCity shopping mall, you will overwhelmed with data series famous fashion trade as JIAR, Adidas, Zbra, Topman Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, ... with the modern style and luxury trends update Latest guide today. If you are a discerning followers of fashion, do not miss Saigon entertainment venues with popular shopping paradise is offline. Do not just stop there, you will find the brand cosmetics, perfumes, beauty, ... leading first launched in Vietnam, in accordance with the interests and needs of the sisters Kids woman. To gratitude to customers, business center SC VivoCity also regularly organizes attractive promotions at the stores of fashion, cosmetics, modern technology. Not only just been shopping spree also brought another gift. So, do not miss the chance to shop at your local savings entertainment Saigon - SC VivoCity shopping mall of your dentist.

Location play Saigon - System modern cinema

If you are a movie enthusiast, it believes that the CGV cinema will always be your first choice every time a film has been screened plate bomb. At cinemas SC VivoCity shopping mall invested with IMAX technology, you will fully enjoy the sharp images and rich sound to each seating position. Specifically, you will be assured of the gap between screens, seats and the tilt of the floor, the auditorium is designed for viewers to enjoy films one of the fullest whether at any position brain. Take the opportunity to see the IMAX film technology with the first peak in Vietnam at CGV movie theaters along with the experience of utilities that place entertainment Saigon brings sisters!

Location play Saigon - Amusement for adults and children

As a modern business center and multi-utilities, creativity and entertainment venues are famous Saigon, SC VivoCity shopping mall where the famous brands choose to grow and serve not only for young people but also towards families, parents and children. With the presence of the park on the terrace and children's play area outdoors is a unique least for SC VivoCity shopping mall in thousands of locations currently playing Saigon.

This area was built into 2 separate play areas: dry and water, will bring your family moments to relax and really comfortable. In this place, there are many other amusement parks that families will not be missed as Apple Kids World, Smile funny ... Together with the Center of Southern or English Wall Street English for the real value useful, this is a fun place Saigon that any family who does not want to miss.