Thrilling shopping and entertaining venue in Sai Gon

Shopping fun delight drop station at amusement parks in Saigon. As trade hub, economic center - the country's major political, Ho Chi Minh City every year attracts a large amount of people flock to, besides foreign visitors have come from all over the world World to enjoy the scenery, the food delicious and the entertainment area in Saigon. However, this caused many intractable social problems, typically housing, food, handling work and above all entertainment needs of people where present Now, the play area in Saigon was too modest in both quantity and quality.

Thrilling shopping and entertaining venue in Sai Gon

Saigon South. Because of the crowded downtown area, in recent years, people have started '' migration '' in suburban areas like District 7, District 2, Thu Duc, ... leading the market in these places also become vibrant and lively as ever. Moreover, the appearance of the buildings, the amusement park in Saigon emerging or apartments, modern is also eloquent for this shift. However, the benefits associated with the new problems arise, the most typical is the infrastructure problem. Sudden population increase caused many works such as roads, bridges, ... still can not meet let alone the physical facilities of the playground in Saigon. But in today's modern life, besides the daily living needs of entertainment is equally important.

Potential hazards from the lack playgrounds

In residential areas, "new", the question many mothers often wonder whether their kids where playing by the playground in Saigon now either too old or too bored with the toy, facilities "poor" even dangerous to the baby. However, much still acceptable for young family having fun with my friends right in the alley, the clearing - where potential hazards incalculable. Therefore, the investment for amusement parks in Saigon think is extremely necessary and urgent, both to meet the demand for mother and baby but also to create conditions for consumers of all ages have place to relax and rest.

SC VivoCity District 7: Destination stayed in Saigon South area

Owns 62000 m2 large area consisting of 5 floors and one basement, SC VivoCity District 7 is one of the amusement parks in Saigon recently pretty much customers love. Place "gold" of the trade center: Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, District 7 - arterial roads of the city was partly explained by an impressive 60,000 visitors to visit, shopping straight day debut. Moreover, many types of new entertainment and fashion brands, diversified consumer care and dedication as well as highlights of SC VivoCity considering Saigon amusement parks in other, help brand "exotic" This opens the door to the consumer on the city in particular and the country in general.

Paradise shopping, cuisine

There will be no exaggeration to say about SC VivoCity District 7 as a shopping paradise, cuisine since it gathered a lot of popular booths like Sumo BBQ, Kichi Kichi, Phuc Long, Mc Donald's, ... with many culinary style Different from Hong Kong, Thailand to Japan and all the traditional dishes of Vietnam. Promises to bring a great culinary experience not inferior to any restaurants yet luxurious. Not only that, at SC VivoCity consumers also have the opportunity to "dazzle" with more than 100 booths of fashion, furniture, consumer and beauty - which many women still care when prompted for a zone revel in Saigon.

Business Center multi utility

Obviously, besides catering services, procurement, the SC VivoCity attraction is a place to satisfy the demand for learning, playing, reading and sports training for customers, typically three big names Skypark, Wall Street English and California Yoga & Fitness Center. Among them, a model park Skypark rooftop "exotic" first presence in Vietnam and it's free for everyone, this is the peculiarities that SC VivoCity Dist.7 unable unmistakable compared with amusement parks in different Saigon. Taken together, satisfy the thirst of the integrated shopping site entertainment available today, SC VivoCity has completed at its best "mission" of his, became the name deserved reputation, many customers are supported they.

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