Which entertaining venue to take your kids during weekend

Guide children to go to a children's play area where weekend. After a week of studying fatigue, any child would need the minutes of entertainment with their parents. Parents are children today understand that, so they strive to find the game, new modes of entertainment, healthy, help young fun while ensuring comprehensive development. However, not a child's play area and also to meet the needs of the times require parents and children, leading to many families must still puzzling weekend entertainment venues.

Exercise with movement games

Entertainment should accompany the development exercises, namely physical development. Children today have almost been "tied" to the desk homework, studying all week for a few hours only rarely exercise. So when the weekend entertainment for children, should look to a children's play area is open space and ample but still safe for children running around, moving. For example, in the current hot weather, swimming is the best solution and to help children relieve stress, could be happy with cool water, as well as have the opportunity to grow in height. However, be careful choosing a water park clean, be cleaned and change the water frequently to avoid children with itching, allergic reaction. Of course, the parents want to relax with a fuller figure, can choose a children's play area with water park, with terrace, large entertainment area, with the accompanying game interesting, suitable for the whole family.

Cinema relaxing weekend

For young dynamic sport activities, outdoor activities, weekend should be a time of rest, light entertainment with good films, rich in meaning. If she was too depressed with the familiar cinema, be renewed to a new location more than strange, unique color and more - SC VivoCity. Children's play area possesses leading IMAX cinema in Vietnam first. Therefore, screening room service always meet international standards, not only ensuring the comfort of the viewer, but also protects against eye damage concerns.

Children Experience in the projection booth of Vivo City also cinema technology "live" 4DX. No need to go far, tired under the sun and harsh weather, children can now feel the scents, colors, feelings ... rich through movies and supports subtle effect. Moreover, at VivoCity IMAX projection room capable of accommodating 300 guests see, size 21m x 11m screen gain, the system is extremely sharp sound is always ready to satisfy customers in every day, including weekends tight congested and crowded city.

Enjoy delicious food with their parents

Campaign recreational activities or entertainment technology will definitely make you tired and hungry you quickly. But most of the children's play area rarely cared about the food stalls, which is why the little appetite in neighborhood events, the parents also tired and bored with the meal in a hurry not nutrition. Scroll to the area specializing in culinary always take time, the whole family should immediately a shop, a restaurant-standard? At SC VivoCity, always have "food paradise" in Ho Chi Minh led the small customer has left the children playing leap for great delicacies.

Brands cuisine from East to West awaits your family. Fast food, had McDonald's, coffee "to chảnh" Starbucks, Phuc Long tea ... Japanese food has restaurants like Marukame Udon, Sumo BBQ, Kichi Kichi. Cuisine opened from Vietnam to the world with a series of small restaurants to Cali Com Tam, Gogi House, HongKong Town, Hotpot Story, King BBQ, Pepper Lunch, Pho Cali, Shabu Ya, Thai Express ... Just Mobile move in a short time, all tired from play area scvivocity her children will definitely be cleared away by the popular delicacies!

Go to VivoCity, experience playground Children colorful

Helping young athletes, helping them safely observing the world, helping them enjoy the delicious dishes with family ... SC VivoCity is indeed a commercial center with a children's play area ideal. Imagine a simple Sunday but happy, the child was with her parents to swim, play in the water park, then enjoy lunch in the culinary world colorful and ended the day with the film Intriguing. All the anxieties of parents fretting therefore also relieve, children entertained, remove all the stress study. SC VivoCity really is a children's play area so ideal? Let the young children in your heart to experience and comment only.

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