3 types of baby walker that parents should know

Baby walker is one of the items that your child exposed right from the first step into the world toddlers. Currently on the market there are many types of baby walkers in many different categories with a variety of designs, materials with extremely varied prices. However, there are 4 types of baby walkers are the most popular but you need to know to equip child depending on age

3 types of baby walker that parents should know

I. Walker circle

Walker circle is a traditional vehicles that any child would need. Style baby walker is equipped right from the baby 7-8 months old. Now she was stiff and could begin the first step of his. 99% of parents are choosing this type of walker for your baby.

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Carts cost rounder varied from 200,000 depending on the material of the car. Go-carts are made of rounded plastic. Plastic materials for high-end vehicles is often the safest for infants and children without discomfort when inhaling toxic plastic vapor. Seating is made of cloth baby help him stand and sit when tired.

This section is usually designed with a cool cloth to help her feel more comfortable when sitting long, long time use does not cause discomfort. Still hanging around the car lot pretty small items with decorative purposes and help her feel more cheerful. Vehicles equipped with 4 wheel so she could drive the car away easily. Design of the car is balanced to ensure reliable motor vehicles when they are not overturned.

II. Multifunction carts

Versatile walker has the same design as walkers traditional round shape, but these improvements are more prominent and is the baby walker for many parents the choice in recent years.

Multifunction carts support the baby easily moved when he 7-8 months. Since there are many prominent improvements, most versatile walker bit higher priced from 500,000. Since Vietnam has not produced the type of infant walker interesting should mostly imported.

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Besides the walker then this model also can be used as rocking or a seat so you can easily insert feeding. In addition, the car also has to help you gently push push baby everywhere.

However, with the versatile walker, you should be careful about using because there are too many functions due to efficient vehicle will be difficult especially the hyperactive child. Therefore, consider when choosing the type of vehicle depends on your child's personality.

III. Trolley rattles

Unlike infant walker or versatile rounded the trolley types of wood has composed a lot simpler. However, use of the appropriate age for the baby is from 10-12 months. But after using a walker rounder, parents often skip using trolley rattles. Parents often let children self toddle easily fall or force your child to use a walker round little old while the child is growing up every day. Be a psychological parent for your child while providing the means for children to develop normally!

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Trolley majority rattles made of quality wood and heavy for the baby's health. Choose the store offers baby walker reputation for quality to make sure the wood does not harm your baby. Vehicles are composed of 2 parts: the lever and the car body. She will cling to the lever and push the car forward, the vehicle acts as a fulcrum to help children learn to walk more steadily.

Heavy vehicles to young car can not lift up, causing damage to the physical. The body was designed to help children without proper foot stuck. Vehicles are painted in cheerful colors, suitable for the child's age.

IV. Foreigners say the walker

Carts for little round shape is very popular in Vietnam but European countries do not like it much, models because some research has not officially said that this round type walker will not affect small good to her spine.

Trolley rattles European market immediately trusted children 7-8 months old because at that age children are more rugged European Vietnam should greatly not too difficult to use this car. However, do not venture removed using a walker stage rounder because it is not good for your child's physical.

V. Every child needs a perfect walker

The selection of a baby walker in the first five months of life is extremely important for children. Owning a standard walker will help them with the development of more comprehensive physical. Be a great parents carefully cared for me from the first steps of life.

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