4 Mistakes of infant walker that seriously affect your baby's spine and muscle

Baby walker. When children reach the age of walking, there are many parents eager to buy the baby walker without knowing whether the type of baby walkers has matching baby and whether they are ready to use these products are not. In addition to purchasing products to support premature babies go for, there are many others still make mistakes that they do not know that, if prolonged these habits, bone development of children will be affected very much.

4 sai lầm của xe tập đi cho bé ảnh hưởng nghiêm trọng đến cơ xương của bé

I. For the walker too soon

This condition is very common, especially for couples "son", the first time with young children. These families often very eagerly looking forward to the day she can toddler learning to walk and trotted around the house. They also will not spare money to buy the kind of baby walker for relaxation. However, the period is to come is both a long and not always there will be little development processes alike.

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Therefore, you need to be patient and follow the movements of young people. The too impatient, caught early toddlers from or adjusting to a walker for baby too soon will cause the muscles in the legs, back and neck vulnerable, bent and even broken. More specifically, once the children move you familiar with infant walker early on, they can be "addicted" to this type of tool support and which will lead to physical inactivity and dependent on the trolley too much.

II. Choose shoes to fit baby feet

Children at this stage are often developed rapidly, so have many mothers choose larger shoe sizes a little baby feet to "contingency". This is completely false! Choose shoe size does not fit when the baby will be difficult to move, they will easily stumble. In the case of wearing too tight, the baby's foot bone will grow uneven, easily lead to defects and affect the ability to walk.

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III. Missing infant nutrition supplements

Many families are willing to spend large sums to buy baby walker without reference food supplement infant nutrition, particularly calcium. These are minerals play a role of utmost importance in the formation and development of the baby's bones. In addition to the mother's milk or other dairy products, you need to be allowed in the early morning sun to synthesize vitamin D, increases calcium absorption and transport of calcium.

Sunbathing reasonable time is from 6 am to 8 am and every time sunbathing between 15 - 30 minutes. In addition, you should also give your child some foods contain calcium and vitamin D, such as egg yolks, salmon, mushrooms, cauliflower ... to bone speedy little stiff and limit the possibility of injury while traveling .

IV. For children too dependent on a walker

When children start learning to sit, crawl and begin to stand, you should not be so hasty that children become familiar with infant walker early. This will cause your child to be dependent on the type of instrument support, she can be lazy or she still goes but little unsteady footsteps, her legs are not strong force. In addition, for children learning to walk with a walker premature infant may cause the baby's gait is not straight and normal as other children.

The best period for the child to become familiar with the baby walker when she was able to sit and stand is because at this stage the baby's bones have developed quite well and do not suffer from problems such as curvature of the spine , fetter…. However, you should not use baby walkers too much. If you want me to love being a comprehensive development, you should note that the above key issues. The early years of the child needs the care of their parents in the smallest things.

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Therefore, in addition to providing a full range of essential nutrients, you also need to consider the level of development and human actions. Not any baby will also undergo a full 5 stages: Glitter - flip - beef - sitting - go. Therefore, do not be too anxious to see some young skip certain stages or develop more slowly than other babies. Just a baby's health care routine, feeding what most nutritious and compliance with the note on this is you have to help your baby have a perfect start.

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