4 quick tips to help your child know how to use the baby walker

Baby walker - Want kids are early walkers are extremely popular psychology of parents with young children. However, because of impatience that some people have tried many different ways, even harmful ways to help children know to go early. Inadvertently, these methods (especially the wrong choice for the baby walker) adversely affect the natural development of children. To help children know to go early safely and science, you should refer to the following tips.

4 quick tips to help your child know how to use the baby walker

I. When does the baby know go?

Entering the 13th month, a majority of all children can go to be the slow step. However, this number depends on many factors. Some kids are away from May 9th, 10th Meanwhile, another 15 months until new furnace probe the first step even with the assistance of a walker for baby.

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II. Reasonable diet

Children know sooner or later go depends very much on the strength of our bones. Want strong bones, the parents must give children use more foods rich in calcium - substances found in broccoli, oysters and milk ... Also, steps a parent needs to add starch, protein, substance fat and calcium for babies.

Parents should note that, little starch absorbs every day to equal 1/3 of the food. Foods rich in starch that the mother may reference are: sweet potatoes, potatoes, bread, rice ... Besides, you surely would be surprised about the results when combining reasonable diet with infant walkers.

III. Volume pedal for children

2nd way that parents can help young children walking faster is the pedal set. This operation is extremely simple and effective. First, use two hands to the armpits and infant portable stand. Next, ask someone to help them shrink and stretch my legs. This exercise is modeled on the principle of operation of the moving leg.

If the child perform this operation regularly, you can help children become familiar with foot commuter operations. To achieve greater efficiency, the parents should be encouraged, encouraged or use infant walkers. Once feel safe and supported, young children will think it's interesting walker.

IV. Children sunbathing

Vitamin D will be involved in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the kidney and intestine of infants. So, want to help children quickly learn to walk, you should seek to supplement vitamin D in children's daily meals. In addition, the method also sunbathe vitamin D supplements just simple, inexpensive medium.

After 1 month of age, infants should be regularly sunbathe with the support of parents. Sunlight contains infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. Infrared rays will help cure young children and prevent diseases of bones and joints. Besides, UV will have anti-inflammatory, which helps produce vitamin D and microbicides.

Sunbathing regular routine will help your child's bones grow strong. So that the time to walk was shortened considerably. Young skin and eyes are very sensitive. Therefore, parents should only put a small child in the baby walker in the sun about 10-20 minutes per day.

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The time for sunbathing is between 6 and 8 am. From 9 am to 15h pm, angle created by the sun and Earth are relatively large, luminous intensity therefore increases. This is why you will burn skin pigmentation, discoloration if exposed to sunlight during this time period.

V. Using the walker

Without much time, parents should use baby walkers. The habit of using a walker for children is the tendency of so many families. According to a quick survey of VnExpress, every 10 parents, up to 7 people confirmed that each purchase of infant walkers. Currently, walkers market is extremely diverse and plentiful. Depending on the model and origin of the walkers will have prices ranging from 200,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND.

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Baby walker is the most optimal solution for busy parents. Just invest an initial sum of money to buy a car, you will save a lot of time and effort. Parents may just do the housework, just keep an eye on small children thanks to the support of the baby walker. With great advantages on the products, you absolutely have good reason to choose the right one baby walker pattern matching. All your questions about walkers will be answered hearted when contact Dai Phat Tai hotline: (08) 3969.4936.

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