A good week-end meal with koeran bbq buffet

BBQ buffet Saigon population has now exceeded 9 million and will increase rapidly, rising in the near future. Therefore peak hours as 7 am or 5 pm, the traffic jam is entirely probable, especially on weekend nights, when people who rushed to the house to play, go Dining out, then squeeze out the road was hard, but not to mention the table, enjoy delicious food at the restaurant BBQ buffet, soup, pizza, ... prestige.

Ăn ngon cuối tuần với BBQ Buffet Hàn Quốc

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I. Delicatessen but limited space

A walk Saigon, will not be too difficult to find restaurants, BBQ buffet diner business from roadside kiosks to affordable, air-conditioned office and even restaurants to lemon. However, because the typical crowded that such places often have limited space, uncomfortable and often must be coupled tables during peak hours.

Naturally, the "truth" as a good shop more winter visitors are also understandable. This must have caused annoyance to customers, however, many people have to "click-dose abdominal work" by the end of the week as an opportunity to "de-stress", enjoy the BBQ buffet only their favorite neck.

II. Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet: The restaurant has the advantage of space

With many branches stretching from District 1 (corner Nam Ky Khoi Nghia - Dien Bien Phu, Pham Viet Chanh, Mac Dinh Chi) to District 2 (No. 65 Road No. 1, An Khanh Ward - An Phu, Go Vap (705 - 709 Phan Van Tri), Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet is one of the BBQ buffet restaurant business with leading capacity by each branch are capable of serving more than 100 customers simultaneously.

Not only spacious space here also decorated mainly by the color theme of dark brown create a warm atmosphere and offers many choices for customers: comfortable air-conditioned rooms suitable to meet partners business or campus extensive garden, cool easy to exchange and meet with friends. Obviously, the main space is an indispensable spice make tasty BBQ buffet superior.

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III. Not just "good code" but also quality

Besides looks flashy, chic and modern, Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet also impressed by the excellent quality of food. With the advantage of the hot pot, grilled, Hana BBQ BBQ buffet menu possesses extreme "nature" with many hard to resist such delicacies on the pineapple chicken wings, beef rolls needle mushrooms, scallops with onion, ... and can not not to mention the rustic delicacies like roasted sweet potatoes or toxic, strange as shiitake butter garlic.

Ăn ngon cuối tuần với BBQ Buffet Hàn Quốc

As one of the few dishes are two factors reconcile nutrition and flavor, black mushrooms with garlic butter flavor fragrant, sweet dark, almost golden rum crispy outside but inside must be the name that you hardly indifferent BBQ buffet menu in more than 50 delicious dishes of the restaurant.

IV. Western tasty pot roast, no less

Precursor to the Italian restaurant, Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet also has strengths than the other eating places in Saigon for about serving tasty European dishes in style. Come to the restaurant, you will enjoy not only the hotpot, BBQ buffet was delicious but also pasta, pizza, fresh salad young, ...

Stand out may include Empire Pizza Sanary with crackers, two kinds of cheese sauce greasy cream tasty typical eggs and bacon extremely unique or desserts like ice cream cups, flan was rated as excellent in both.

One of the features that every reference to the success of Hana buffet diners can not forget that is the source of quality inputs. The restaurant prides itself uses for their buffet BBQ ingredients "clean - green" as US beef, oysters Longshan, scallops, fresh seafood imported from Phan Thiet, mushrooms, vegetables Fresh young ...

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V. wholeheartedly afternoon BBQ Buffet

Spices also a "special" help elevate the BBQ buffet restaurant, would not an exaggeration to say about the staff friendliness, enthusiasm is the magnet for visitors help Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet scores absolute plus. For example it is gentle attitude, ready to serve and guide customers at the table.

Moreover, the work on a regular dish, not to lack, food deficit even in rush hour is also very respectful, helping consumers face only named Hana BBQ easily between a "forest" address delicious eateries, other strange in Saigon town.

Link: http://hana.vn/an-ngon-cuoi-tuan-voi-bbq-buffet-han-quoc/