BBQ buffet good dishes for everyone

(BBQ buffet) Saigon - the Pearl of the Far East have long been known as a culinary paradise with all the Western - new vessel, not only passionate about the '' taste '', '' excellent '' but also about your bold, striking more surely can not ignore the name BBQ buffet - a harmonious combination between baking and food form '' package '' novel.

BBQ Buffet món ăn ngon cho mọi khách hàng

Conspicuously, BBQ delicious, nutritious, it can incorporate different types of ingredients, from meat, fish, seafood until, vegetables, mushrooms and even the viscera, ... It ' 'input' 'This diversity makes BBQ buffet won the hearts of so many people by going together in a family, group of friends who can also enjoy a' gut 'that you love.
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I. Grill cuisine in Vietnam

BBQ buffet before appearing in Vietnam, namely that in Saigon, the ethnic cuisine has always existed delectable dishes like grilled bun cha Hanoi, beef guise leaves, fish trui ... even these snacks like cake was baked up extremely exotic. However, thanks to the strength as mentioned above when combining different types of materials.

With marinated gradually Westernized using cheese, butter garlic BBQ buffet made absolute scoring for clients, especially for people in the city which is famous by eating not very fussy, easy bear. Moreover, this method also hit psychological favorite new ones, the citizens of Saigon strange when it should find a place on the culinary map is understandable.

II. Grill your water any different?

Like Vietnam, neighboring countries such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand or the way we halfway around the world such as USA, Germany, Canada, ... has its own barbecue. Many barbecue buffet restaurant in Vietnam has brought the dish like the introduction in the domestic market, and surely, initially achieved certain successes. However, each country, each region has its characteristics very own grill that can not be confused with each other.

For example, in Korea BBQ cuisine often served with kimchi, yam, bean sprouts ... dotted with sauce made from fermented soybeans harmony with roast peppers while Japan rarely has the accompanying side dishes, sauces and oils usually with salt and pepper. In Vietnam, most of the BBQ buffet restaurant will re variations to suit local tastes, so that to find a good BBQ place in style business is relatively difficult.

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III. BBQ - delicious food irresistible

Considering the level of "coverage" in Saigon, BBQ buffet will surely always topped by the still floating cork dish out amongst a forest of "marine paint your trench" several advantages thanks to the taste delicious, nutritious, affordable, ... Moreover, many years now, consumers can easily find barbecue everywhere.

From street vendors to chic restaurants, no matter the downtown area or the outlying districts. There will be no exaggeration to say that every road Saigon always exist many restaurants, cafes delicious BBQ buffet nực with perennial uptime and customer owns the "guts" of their own.

BBQ Buffet món ăn ngon cho mọi khách hàng

IV. Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet: The highlight of the culinary map in Saigon

3 years is a time not too long but it was enough to townspeople getting together with the name Hana BBQ & Hotpot buffet. As a restaurant serving hot pot, barbecue, buffet Hana famous not only thanks to fresh ingredients like American beef, oysters Longshan, scallops, fresh seafood from Phan Thiet, mushrooms, vegetables Young fruit trees and grass green, ...

But also by system smokeless grill with coal imported remove impurities, ensuring health concerns has gotten smoky, referring smell out of the table, help the customers can be assured to enjoy BBQ buffet a bold, full taste.

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V. pluses for varied menu

In addition to the main dish starchy and protein, Hana BBQ is very delicate when integrated into the menu of appetizers, delicious desserts, typically may be mentioned as seaweed salt, yogurt ice cream, flan ... Besides, not only conquer diners with bowel BBQ buffet dishes, the restaurant also resonated by tasty European dishes in style as pasta, soup, salad, pizza, ... or even the desserts like ice cream cups, flan was also rated as excellent on the whole, promising to bring friends, family, relatives, ... the meal quality, true to the saying "what you pay for".