Change your taste with meat buffet in Saigon

(Buffet barbecue) Recently, besides the normal eating pattern forms buffet, also called fun is "how tender package" already won the hearts of many customers. The cafeteria, buffet restaurant business mushroomed, from affordable, "humor" like milk tea buffet, fruit until grill buffet, seafood buffet, ... These places, by promoting the world strong current quickly breathed new life into culinary Saigon.

Buffet thịt nướng đổi gió cho làng ẩm thực Sài Gòn

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I. Delicious, nutritious

Considering the level of "coverage", would be a major shortcoming if ignored buffet barbecue in Saigon's culinary map, though standing in a forest of "marine paint you will enjoy different" then surely this dish , with the advantages of tasty, nutritious, affordable, ... bravely "where you turn" in the eyes of customers, especially with the young customers who love novelty.

Many years ago, consumers can easily find barbecue buffet everywhere, from street vendors to chic restaurants, no matter the downtown area or the outlying districts, even he was in the neighboring province city.

However, the quality of the restaurant, food was very very long like that, "upper lower gold bran", especially in the center of the storm about food safety today, confusion, anxiety surely interest general state of many customers, making barbecue buffet become "poor taste".

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II. Food is not fussy guests

Rated as affordable, in line with many people's pockets, it is not hard to understand when the barbecue buffet has become dishes "guts" of many families, groups of friends, ... BBQ easy to make, easy to eat Just a charcoal stove, or grill some meat skewers, marinated vegetables simple as you can "stir tưng" with friends, relatives, ...

However, there are always eating out hobby that is extremely popular in Saigon as fast - compact - quickly, ample space, was dedicated service, dishes have very specific definition that the chef at Family could not do. Therefore, not only the barbecue buffet - not fussy dishes that many other guests always have a "living earth" in Saigon, even growing at lightning speed.

III. "Just pick just worry"

Whatever be appreciated but definitely beside the existing advantages, barbecue buffet still own many problems caused diners to "just pick and sorrow". Because not only do this dish, but also about eating well is eternal themes that consumers have headaches, aching brain.

For example, recently the article about the business interests of cheating, does not guarantee food safety and hygiene business like rotten meat, vegetable residual pesticide residue, even drugs bleaching, preservatives, finished ninth, ...

Partly drawn into the wake for the whole society, but can not definitively settle but certainly made people more wary of people have about eating. Besides, when it comes to concrete barbecue buffet, small but not a great problem as fire small, smoky always "cling" consumers, making quality meal at many declining.

Buffet thịt nướng đổi gió cho làng ẩm thực Sài Gòn

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IV. Hana Buffet: Restaurant reputed pot roast

Though just joined the Vietnam market less than three years but Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet became the brightest names in the culinary village, is widely used and customer support information. To mind delicious food from quality materials, the restaurant always intense scrutiny input foods as US beef, fresh seafood imported from Phan Thiet, the fruits and vegetables are also very preliminary processing clean, ... in order to bring the barbecue buffet, Thai hot pot, hot pot Miso, Pizza, Pasta, ... delicious and safe for customers.

Conspicuously, the branches turn opened as a restaurant corner Nam Ky Khoi Nghia - Dien Bien Phu with a capacity of 100 people, restaurant, Mac Dinh Chi (District 1), No. 65 Road No. 1, An Khanh Ward - An Phu (District 2), 705-709 Phan Van Tri (Go Vap) is eloquent proof that consumers trust for Hana Buffet.

V. conscientious Care

Besides the excellent quality of the food, Hana Buffet also impressed by the spirit of "customer dimension" our best. For example, the promotions, spacious and airy, with the construction of infant play is a magnet made of restaurants attract tourists. Moreover, friendly service attitude, enthusiasm, ready to serve barbecue buffet at the dining table is an absolute plus help restaurants stand up in public.

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