De facto of grill buffet

(Buffet barbecue) Not only do the barbecue which long Grill was no stranger to the people of Saigon, from pure Vietnamese dishes like bun cha Hanoi, broken rice, baked rolls, ... for to the more modern barbecue buffet, skewer, ..., all have the same characteristics as a delicious and extremely appealing.

Buffet thịt nướng lạ mà quen

Therefore, there will not be too difficult to come across this dish at a street vendors or even luxurious restaurants.

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I. Barbecue - a favorite food of the people of Saigon

dish of vegetables like okra, eggplant, peppers, ... as well as favorite dishes of the townspeople. Therefore, it is favorable to the restaurant business barbecue, barbecue buffet, popular pubs rapid development as "mushrooms grow after rain".

Foreseeing the tastes of the people of Saigon, the restaurant regularly, continually refreshes itself to adapt to the change of the market. For example, besides business barbecue buffet was the desserts like ice cream, juice, flan or European dishes like pizza, pasta, ... contribute to the guests unwind, avoid causing bored.

II. Diversity of customers

This type of diet is relatively young, barbecue buffet, right from the first day has won the hearts of a large number of youth, gender students - students, young office worker, put this place become one among the most popular destination, has facilities for meeting friends and relatives have also appropriate to meet business partners.

Not only that, in Vietnam, the barbecue buffet restaurant also attracted the attention of the great majority of families, the customer in middle age, because most have warm décor, modern and civilized style service, moreover, needs the ages delicious also, this is the decisive weak current success of the restaurant.

III. Eating and worries

Barbecue, barbecue buffet, or broadly speaking eating always potential hazards due to hedge. For example there is the use of charcoal, electric stove if baked at home, but if not careful can lead to fire, causing serious consequences in terms of both people and property.

On the other hand, the issue of food safety is also a top threat, regardless of processing at home, or dine at the barbecue buffet restaurant but poor quality, use and serve dishes with raw materials floating, non-guaranteed, especially in the current situation where an increasing number of scandals about food hygiene and safety and the press were uncovered, confuse some consumers.

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Buffet thịt nướng lạ mà quen

Moreover, another issue seemed very small, but also forces customers to "just pick and sorrow" that is smoky, especially with the students - students, office workers eat at lunchtime difficult to continue working by referring odors clothing.

IV. Hana BBQ - Destination brightest culinary map

Though just joined the city market but less than three years of business restaurant Hana BBQ buffet barbecue has quickly become a destination for prestige, getting the trust of many customers in many classes. One of the advantages typical of Hana BBQ is a varied menu with over 50 dishes meticulously prepared.

From meats like fish, pork, beef, chicken, lamb, fresh .., repellent taste, rather thick slices as thin as several other barbecue buffet restaurant in Saigon until the vegetables served with the majority forms, all of which would be found in Hana. Moreover, water pot in Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet is also rated as tasty, sweet than water.

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V. Hearty service, hygiene

Owning a staff of professional, enthusiastic service at the table, the restaurant promises to be a provider of true barbecue with comfort standards, not as cheerful and friendly. Moreover, the criteria ensuring absolute safety for our customers, Hana BBQ always use fresh raw materials, which are carefully selected. Barbecue buffet at Hana BBQ, besides known dishes with unlimited number of times while using smokeless stove system should be to minimize the smell possessed - small ideas without fear of many small customers .

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